Monday, May 19, 2014

Twister...Jumping and Being Injured and OMG Did you see the Preakness?!

So about a week ago, maybe a little more than a week ago, because all it's done here is rain lately... I jumped Twister. My bestie came over to be my trainer and take pics. Let me tell you right now he was absolutely awesome! He jumps anything you point him at. Never knocks a pole down.... unless I get super unbalanced and start popping him in the mouth. Which is why I mostly jump in a hackamore. That and he doesn't usually drag me to the jumps in the hackamore which he almost always does in a bit. And for the record, this is a horse that used to always be ridden in this evil looking bit and that always always had shoes on. Now I can ride him bitless and he's been barefoot for 6 months and jumping over 2feet and is sound. I'm thrilled!!!

Then Saturday Twister got himself pinned between the panel in the eurosizer and the wall of it. I freaked. I thought he was going to break his him. Luckily I have amazing neighbors whom I called to come help me. Though just as they pulled in the driveway, Twister decided he was in too much pain, had had enough and made a break for it, ripping the panel off the swingy thing and busting boards, freeing himself. While he is sore and swollen and probably had some bruised bone, he is okay. He is getting some time off until the swelling goes down before I do any riding again which mean he may or may not be my ride for the Memorial Day ride (which we are only going on if Fatass isn't racing that day....).

 I really thought it was going to be worse than it actually is. And this morning he and Curtis trotted up to me to get their grain. He's a little hitchy but doing well. This has been a summer of setbacks and it's only May! Between being broke and now Twister needing time off for the hip it might be a while before I get back into some serious jumping again and might be a while before I event again, if at all this summer...... I'm a bit bummed, but it is what it is. I'm just so so so so happy that my boy is going to be okay.

Gotta love that face!

And Saturday after the Twister drama was the Preakness. What an awesome race! I have been betting on California Chrome all along. Ever since that amazing win in the Santa Anita. He could do it ya know....go all the way. I am hoping against hope. And that little horse, Ride On Curlin, we know his connection and my boyfriend used to gallop him as a 2 year old. I have proof because I know no one will believe me! I was so excited to see the big race he ran!


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