Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Okay, I am blog-challenged! Someone PLEASE tell me how I add someone to follow from their blog. I visit other blogs, can't figure out how to follow them. I think I did it like once forever ago. And now I can't figure it out again. I'm not following other blogs because I'm a self-centered snob. It's because I'm a goofball that can't use Blogger!!!!


  1. idk how to do it from someone else's blog, but if you click on the big orange blogger "B" in the top left of your own 'design' screen, it'll take you to your blogger dashboard and you can click 'add' to copy the blog's url to your reading list. (i think lol)

    1. That's usually how I do it. The follow button at the top of some blogs usually doesn't work anyway.

  2. I must have serious issues. Took me forever to figure that out. Thanks! Now I know how to follow people. Why can't it be like Facebook where you only hit one button???

  3. Try Bloglovin, easy to follow blogs through there!