Saturday, January 17, 2015

Why Can't We Be Friends???

There is NOTHING I hate more than coming home from work on a gorgeous Friday afternoon to ride and have my horse be SO horrible when we are just lunging that I never make it on his back. (Ok, one thing I hate more is coming home to ride and finding out one of my brats hurt himself.....) And that's exactly what happened. I told Twister after that I didn't want to be friends. He knew I was made but he's a terrible suck up. So today I tacked up and went to the neighbors to use the round pen. We free lunged forever. He didn't want to coopererate. A couple times when I asked for the outside turn it ducked in and half ran me over. I got after him and told him to quit his shit and put pressure on him to remind him that I am the boss. Not him. Finally, I started seeing results. His head got lower and he paid more attention to me. And finally he started to ask to come in. By the time it was all said and done, he had a changed attitude. And when I mounted up to go home he was so nice and light and didn't even spook at the tarp covered trailer where the tarp was whipping in the wind. And when we got back to our barn, he wanted to snuggle. He got several mints. Deserved them today.

 I wuv you mom. Sorryz for bein a shithead

Mommmmm my buddies are down THERE! We need to GO THERE

Moral of the story is, that even during the week I need to do SOMETHING with him. Bareback jog a few laps in the barn or lunge him or do a realy good groom. Something. Anything. I'm going to ride tomorrow too. Another nice day, though not as warm as today.

Also, the puppy is starting to learn to trail ride. He sucks at it. He wants to walk under Twister all the time. I'm afraid he's going to get squashed.

Oh! And Baby Curtis is back in training. Day one of learning to be an adult. He'll go to the track in 6 weeks. He also needed an attitude adjustment. No manners! But I guess that's mostly my fault. No, worries, he's behaved now. It's this nice, warm, breezy weather that makes them all crazy!


  1. nice job working through Twister's snit! i'm right there with you - my horse is NOT doing well with the light work schedule... these ponies need their brains engaged or else they go feral!

    1. My bestie here in KY was telling me after her horse had a snit how she was off 3 years being a broodmare then she just tacked up and started riding this fall. I was like ummmm if I did that you'd be scraping me off the ground! Even when the weather is at it's worst I HAVE to get one at least once a week!

  2. Glad you worked that behavior out of him! Hopefully some extra rides during the week will help in the future :)