Friday, February 20, 2015

Pup Needs Surgery :(

Went to the vet today. Pup's hips are terrible. Worst my vet has ever seen in a dog this age (he's only 9 months!). I think we are going to route of FHO surgery. Anyone have this done to their dog? My vet says he should lead a very happy, pain free life after recovery. What I read in my research says that it is mostly used on small dogs. He weighs 66lbs right now but is still a growing pup so maybe that's why it will be good for him?

My feed store lady used to work in a vet's office and says they always had really good outcomes from the FHO surgery. So that's good to hear. Feedback?

On a good note, my old man's bloodwork came back awesome! Vet recommended we switch his feed to something that's not chicken. He says a lot of dog's don't maintain weight well on chicken-based food. So switching we are!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Self-critique For Jumping

I've been planning my summer out. But before I can even show I have to get Twister and I into shape and improve on our riding.

Because it's snowing in KY and I can't do shit outside as far as actual riding, I've been watching all my Facebook videos and looking at old pics of us jumping and cantering and have come up with some things that NEED to get better in order to have a successful summer.....

1. I need to sit up and encourage Twister to get back on his haunches as we take our final strides to a jump. Too often I am rushing and jumping ahead which pushes him on his forehand. When we're only jumping 2ft we can get away with it. But it's a bad bad habit on my part.

2. CREST RELEASE! No wonder Twister shakes his head all the time or bolts off after landing. I don't give him any release then proceed to pop him the mouth/face. What would Uncle George say?!

3. RELAX! Twister has a long stride and I always feel like we are going WAY faster than we really are. Then I watch the playback and I'm like hey that's a nice forward and halfway upright canter. I need to let him be. Just sit back and point him in the direction of the jumps and stop fiddling with him all the time. I don't have ONE video where he looks even remotely out of control. He might power off after landing a jump but nothing that SITTING UP won't fix. I get too worried about everything and just need to get out of Twister's way and let him do his damn job.

I just saw this on Facebook and I am totally #1. I NEED TO STOP!

4. Jump more jumps. Last summer we only jumped 3 or 4 times a month. Sometimes less. We had foot problems and too busy getting a job problems, Twister hurting his hip problems and it won't stop raining problems. My to do list for this month and into March is to build more jumps and fix some of my broken ones. I also have a friend that knows someone at a farm that said we can come use their jumper ring and xc course to school. The more we practice the better we'll get. The more jumps he sees, the less he'll look. (he's really not a looky horse but he's still a HORSE and some things still might eat him....)

btw, this guy is my favorite meme
 to use for ALL THE THINGS!

5. XC school!!!!!!!! I either need to school with friends at open schooling days (available at a couple of farms about 45 minutes from here) or I need to go to the xc clinic in May. Maybe both. Other than logs in the woods, ditches in corn fields and my ghetto xc jump, we have yet to jump any real xc jumps. And those might be REALLY scary. So practice is necessary!

ghetto cx jump with optional pallet to make it bigger.
May 2014...which reminds me, also need to work on getting
 my leg UNDER me. On the flat and over jumps!!!!!!!!!

July 2014. This only happens 1 time out of maybe..... 20? :-\

I think all the dressage we've been doing is going to help us across the board. It strengthens my core and my legs and which keeps me centered not flailing around like a dying fish. And it helps Twister learn to get his haunches under him and gallop a bit more uphill so he can be a powerhouse over jumps and now plow through them. Because I really hate when he does that.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Freaking Snow!

I know I really don't have a right to complain about the snow in KY right now. We have a foot now and it's still coming. Hasn't even slowed down.

Our 4 year old raced Friday night. Didn't run well. Broke bad and got tired. He made one run and boy can that kid run! He just needs to be fitter! He didn't get claimed though and we live to race another day! Probably won't be until Keeneland in April but that gives him tons of time to build fitness.

he looks so grown up!!!

And then Saturday and Sunday I didn't ride at all. And this morning when my alarm went off my person told me to go back to bed, he wasn't letting me drive anywhere. I look out the window and boy howdy is it snowing! I slept another hour and let the boys out for a bit and then asked my neighbor if she wanted to go for a quick gallop. So we did! It was like being a kid again! It was a brief ride but there is really nothing exhilarating as galloping in the snow! Really, that's the only thing snow is good for. But it doesn't get it and keeps coming. I probably won't go to work tomorrow either at this rate............

Twister was very good on our ride. Cranky at first, but then we started to gallop and he was like oh yea this is fun! He was a very good boy!

This is a cooler turned into a quartersheet. Best idea ever. While he was wet and crunchy on the outside he was toasty and dry inside!
Silly kitty

Best thing ever! Best pony ever! 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Shout Out to Equine Keepsakes

I have had Equine Keepsakes in Ohio make some horsehair items for me for Christmas and birthdays and such and I wanted to give her a big shout out and recommend her to EVERYONE. She does fantastic work and if I didn't mind my horse having a bald ass I would have her make me a million things. She is a very talented artist!
She made me a bracelet from Twisters hair and also a key chain and for a friend she made a bookmark for Christmas. I wear my Twister-hair bracelet almost every single day.
made from Twister's hair

bookmark for Molly from the Little Man's Hair

More from Twister, did I mention she makes
custom charms?!
She just finished making me a bracelet from Fatass' hair that is just gorgeous. I can't wait to get it so that I can almost never take this one off as well!
needed to be blow up so you all can see just how awesome this is!
And the best part is she can pretty much do anything you want. So many styles and if you have an idea of something you want and she hasn't done it yet, she'll try to figure out how to make what you want. She is working on a couple more pieces for me that are to be used as gifts. So I won't have pics until AFTER they're given to the intended people.  Prices are very reasonable for the high quality of work. Check her out on Facebook!!!! You won't be sorry! 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Brief Hoof and Puppy Update

This past week I did LOTS of research like I was back at Coby writing crappy term papers. I am going to put Twister on a multivit that has both copper and Vit E in it and continue his Essential K from Tribute which also has those as well. Have been cleaning and doctoring feet daily. Not sure if they're getting better? It's only been a week though. The trimmer gave me Clean Trax to soak him in... epic fail. So I'm going to go back to soaking in apple cider vinegar.

Puppy hasn't been to the vet yet. Both dogs are going next week.... I can't wait to see that vet bill.....

But the research I've been up to is about the use of coconut oil. At first I was just researching for Roader (my old man dog with possible everything issues....) It is supposed to help weight gain and liver and kidney issues and help regulate a facacta thyroid. It aids in digestion and absorption of minerals. I read that last part and went wtf then why isn't my horse on it?!


Bam. Went to Walmart and stocked up! It will help Twister get the most out of all his hoof supplements AND the research says that it helps kill fungal infections!!!!!!!! I KNOW it won't help over night. But it's a start! And my old man is on it too as of yesterday. And the pup gets a bit too.... I'm hoping it will help make him smell less like rotten eggs during our cuddles at night....

Anyone else have experience feeding coconut oil to your horse or doggy?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Shopping at Rolex

Yesssss, I know Rolex is still 2 months away... which is good because I have to get my camera fixed before XC! But I am already putting money aside for shopping. I'm trying to decide just what to buy there. A couple things I've kinda needed, like a fly sheet for Twister, but I'll probably buy that off Statelinetack. Super on sale right now.
I've really wanted to try a Micklem on Twister. He's mister pully-pants and heavy on the forehand most of the time. Something we've been working on. And he goes nice in a figure 8 but I think he'd go great in a Micklem (especially for Dressage... will still probably do stadium and xc in a hackamore). Not knowing that many people in KY to borrow one from, I guess I'll have to buy it and try it. Lucky for me if he goes like shit in one, they sell easy.

Another thing I've been really interested in trying on him is an anatomical girth. He is funny to fit and even though his saddle fits like 95% we still get slippage. I've heard good things about anatomical girths helping with that.

A good girth and a Micklem cost about the same. So it's one or the other. If I go with the Micklem I'll be shopping for a new fleece girth while there, because let's face it, mine is no longer even schooling show quality.....

I also need a new breast collar. I want something elastic, does not have to be a 5-point but does have to come equipped with an 'oh shit' handle.... aka the wither strap.

And of course, Rolex gives me the opportunity to pretend I'm actually in the market for  $5k saddle. Drooling over saddles is my favorite part. If I win the lotto between now and then I'll buy ALL the saddles! (After putting in a covered outdoor arena....) I also like to look at all the deals on cute breeches and shirts and I should probably get a show coat sooner or later.... I'm about ready for new paddock boots too. Mine got holes by the end of last summer and then I adopted a puppy who liked to "sleep" with them in his crate when we first came home. And by sleep, I mean gnaw on....

Anyone else going to Rolex this year??

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Riding Weekend

Rode everyday this weekend. Friday was a bareback after work and cantered down the only dry and drained patch of land on my 7 acres. I almost got bucked off but I hung in there! I think being bareback actually helped! And Saturday I saddled up and cantered down the dry place and did some dressage schooling. Twister was lazy and would not stretch out. Also his feet might be a little sore. But he wasn't pushy or too terribly heavy on the forehand. And after 2 weeks of mostly just walking every time we rode, I was happy with our trot work. Our canter was pretty upright and controlled too and we haven't cantered in months. So I was super thrilled! This horse loves to work and was really happy for all the attention and under saddle work.

Lazy pony. Next time wear spurs. STRETCH PONY!

Nowwww he's forward.....

We even popped over a cross rail. Twister was sooooo excited when he saw the jump we kinda launched. Glad my irons were too long or I might have gotten popped on his neck.


My friend was over and she took lots of pictures. It's not often I get pics of me riding that I didn't take with a camera timer.  Our second time over was much better. I wish the ground was drier so that we could jump something decent. 

do it again do it again do it again!

My friend did a mini photo shoot for me of Twister and the doggies. 

Puppy loves ponies!

Roader wants to be near me, but not on the horse

calling all my boys


Curtis and Ranger... best buds!

Then today I went on a little trail ride with my neighbor on her land. Twister was fine until my other neighbor came down the driveway with his grater box to fill in the pot holes........ from my driveway to her, everything spooked him. He didn't chill out until 10 minutes down the trail. But calm down he did! And we even came home nicely. So I am ready for the work week! A weekend full of riding has fortified me!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Jan Review, Feb Goals

I feel so lazy again. I wouldn't feel so lazy if I hadn't just spend 2 hours in the doctor's office waiting for the doctor which only took 5 minutes. Next time, I'm going to the vet!

Jan Review.... In Jan my goal was just to find time to ride. Which was mostly on weekends. We had a few pissy day but mostly they were well-behaved pony days. A lot of our rides were bareback and only 20 minutes long, especially if it was an after work ride. But I got to ride. End of story.

Feb Goal..... my one and only goal in Feb is to make Twister's feet all better (see last hoof post...). No hoof, no horse, right? And probably by the end of March I'll be able to start jumping some and doing some galloping not to mention there is a show at the end of March. So the feet have to get better. I have been very good about cleaning out the cracks and shoving Tomorrow up them daily. Today I am going to try and improve his trim (heels and roll).

I guess this post should have been accompanied by my conformation pic but whatever.

I rode Tuesday evening for 20 minutes or so after work before cleaning the cracks and treating them. Twister was frisky. He wants to go fast.  But I was bareback and due to limited riding for months, he has a crap top line and his withers are bonier than usual. So NO.

you'd think my horse was an OTTB....
Mom thinks the cat took this... nope.
Modern technology.... camera with timer!
PS... love my RW tee!
Oh by the way, I live next to Fort Knox and thanks to them my horse is helicopter and literally bomb proof. They all are. Puppy was more worried than the horses! Fun stuff. They have THOUSANDS of acres to fly around on while they play war and they do low fly-bys over my paddocks ALL THE TIME! WHY?!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Twister's hooves - 2nd Opinions

There is another local natural trimmer in the area and I've been trying to get him to come give me a 2nd opinion on Twister's feet for a while now, especially since I fired my ex-trimmer. He was at my  neighbor's farm yesterday and came down on his way out to check out Twister. Says we are on the right track but definitely have some things to fix before he can be a really sound, barefoot pony.

First off, we need to keep working on getting rid of that white line disease or whatever is giving him toe cracks and hoof wall separation. He said I need to get in there with a hoof pick and clean out all the muck and mud and dead stuff really well then put Tomorrow up there DAILY. Those cracks go up pretty far under the hoof wall and they won't close up until I kill whatever is living up there.

He also gave me a bottle of stuff to soak his feet in that will help kill the crap living in his hoof.

The other thing he said was that I need to knock his heels back more and roll the toes more so that there is less pressure on the toes. If there is too much pressure on the toe it just helps those cracks open up even more.

And last but not least, he suggested I put Twister on  supplement containing lots of copper and vitamin E. Copper to help kill fungus and bacterial. Vitamin E to help boost his immune system to prevent this in the future.  WHO CAN SUGGEST A SUPPLEMENT FOR ME???? Twister is already on a good deal of biotin.

So this week I have some work to do. Planning on trimming Twister on Thursday and keeping up with the Tomorrow in his feet daily. He said if I don't see a difference in a couple weeks to take straight tea tree oil and squirt that up those black holes.

What REALLY pisses me the hell off though, is that I actually thought this girl knew what she was doing. I kept getting told his feet were a mess because there was no good blood flow and that his feet didn't work hard enough and my pastures were too nice. When in reality he has some nasty shit going on up in his hoof wall that I should have been treating since LAST YEAR. Never once was it suggested by my ex-trimmer that he had something going on up there that needed medicinal help! I'm an amateur barefooter! Almost every horse I have ever leased or rode was shod... except for Lu but she'd been barefoot forever and had feet of steel. Just to think.... I could be over this crap by now with him. At least Twister is patient with me..... and at least I know that there is and END to this in the near future. In another month or so I'll probably have this other trimmer come out and do a full trim for me. But I have to trim so often that I need to learn how to trim Twister correctly myself. If I take my time, I can get it right!

Gotta fix these feet so we can show this summer and break babies this fall!!!!

The black hole this past spring...
Hasn't really improved at all...

Monday, February 2, 2015

Yet Another Unproductive Monday

I had almost a 3 day weekend, and do I come to work and be productive? No. I sit here and read everyone's weekend blogs and watch the weather to see when I should be able to get a good ride in this week. And I spent more than a long time editing my blog layout (feedback?). It's cold here and winds gusting at like 30mph but I wish I was riding (the sun is sporadically out!). That's what Carhartts are for! Also, I got in touch with some ladies that were interested in buying Fatass before he got claimed. They wanted to event him! She sent me some show bills for some hunter paces and mini trials in Indiana. Super exited! And I Facebook stalked Fatass' new trainer/owner and friended her on Facebook. But have I completed a single thing on my to-do list? Nope. And now I feel like watching replays of the HITS Grand Prix from this weekend.

Did anyone out there get anything done this lovely Monday morning?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Name of the Game...

Everyone pretty much knows we have racehorses. Last night So So Worth It raced in his first claiming race. We didn't want to drop him down but he wasn't competitive at the level he was racing at. Having him claimed is a risk you take when you enter a claiming race. I am seriously going to miss that kid. I wrote on the back of his papers that if he EVER needed a home to call us and put our numbers on it. I would take him back in a heart beat for ANY reason. I am really hoping to get him back someday. I am really hoping the people who claimed him take good care of him. He is a really great horse. I cried when we handed him over.

last fall, snuggling with fatass

on our way to the track,.... :(

On another note......

I remembered to do a February conformation pic! Twister has lost a few pounds since January but he's not skinny so I'm pretty happy. Winter should be coming to close, so it's time to lose the blubber and tone up. I'm thinking I'm going to clip him the first week in March.

that's better..... need to work on that topline.

why you taking pictures? i needs lunch!

We had to ride in the shedrow today. Something that I hate doing so much I almost just DIDN'T ride. But we did some shoulder in's (apparently the worst thing ever according to Twister) and just working on being loose and supple. I figured if I rode correctly and didn't mess with him too much he'd round up on his own (he knows enough by now that's what is expected of him) and be light and supple and for the most part, it worked. I also tried to put Roader on him. Roader was not cool with that but Twister really didn't care. If I could lift my giant-ass puppy I would have rode around with him instead.

Our new favorite bit. Has a french link mouth

stupid shed row. stupid rain. stupid mud. stupid crappy phone pics.

i wants to be with you but i don't wants to be on the horse......