Thursday, February 5, 2015

Jan Review, Feb Goals

I feel so lazy again. I wouldn't feel so lazy if I hadn't just spend 2 hours in the doctor's office waiting for the doctor which only took 5 minutes. Next time, I'm going to the vet!

Jan Review.... In Jan my goal was just to find time to ride. Which was mostly on weekends. We had a few pissy day but mostly they were well-behaved pony days. A lot of our rides were bareback and only 20 minutes long, especially if it was an after work ride. But I got to ride. End of story.

Feb Goal..... my one and only goal in Feb is to make Twister's feet all better (see last hoof post...). No hoof, no horse, right? And probably by the end of March I'll be able to start jumping some and doing some galloping not to mention there is a show at the end of March. So the feet have to get better. I have been very good about cleaning out the cracks and shoving Tomorrow up them daily. Today I am going to try and improve his trim (heels and roll).

I guess this post should have been accompanied by my conformation pic but whatever.

I rode Tuesday evening for 20 minutes or so after work before cleaning the cracks and treating them. Twister was frisky. He wants to go fast.  But I was bareback and due to limited riding for months, he has a crap top line and his withers are bonier than usual. So NO.

you'd think my horse was an OTTB....
Mom thinks the cat took this... nope.
Modern technology.... camera with timer!
PS... love my RW tee!
Oh by the way, I live next to Fort Knox and thanks to them my horse is helicopter and literally bomb proof. They all are. Puppy was more worried than the horses! Fun stuff. They have THOUSANDS of acres to fly around on while they play war and they do low fly-bys over my paddocks ALL THE TIME! WHY?!


  1. Hi Sarah,

    I am an equestrian novelist soon to release my new racing romance, Making the Running, and was hoping you might consider reviewing it on your site. Drop me a message if you’re interested.

    Best wishes,

    Hannah Hooton

  2. ooh hopefully everything comes together in time for the show!!! that's funny about the helicopters too - our barn is next to a gun range so all the horses are completely indifferent to hearing shots fired. i definitely appreciate it haha!