Friday, February 20, 2015

Pup Needs Surgery :(

Went to the vet today. Pup's hips are terrible. Worst my vet has ever seen in a dog this age (he's only 9 months!). I think we are going to route of FHO surgery. Anyone have this done to their dog? My vet says he should lead a very happy, pain free life after recovery. What I read in my research says that it is mostly used on small dogs. He weighs 66lbs right now but is still a growing pup so maybe that's why it will be good for him?

My feed store lady used to work in a vet's office and says they always had really good outcomes from the FHO surgery. So that's good to hear. Feedback?

On a good note, my old man's bloodwork came back awesome! Vet recommended we switch his feed to something that's not chicken. He says a lot of dog's don't maintain weight well on chicken-based food. So switching we are!


  1. No feedback on the surgery, but I hope that everything works out ok for your pup!

  2. My friend has a dog that's the same age who is having surgery next month. :( Sorry to hear that your pup has to have surgery but at least the FHO is a very effective surgery.

  3. I have been talking to A LOT of people that say the FHO surgery is really great and they do so well after. And it will be warming up as he recovers so he can swim as part of his therapy.