Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Shopping at Rolex

Yesssss, I know Rolex is still 2 months away... which is good because I have to get my camera fixed before XC! But I am already putting money aside for shopping. I'm trying to decide just what to buy there. A couple things I've kinda needed, like a fly sheet for Twister, but I'll probably buy that off Statelinetack. Super on sale right now.
I've really wanted to try a Micklem on Twister. He's mister pully-pants and heavy on the forehand most of the time. Something we've been working on. And he goes nice in a figure 8 but I think he'd go great in a Micklem (especially for Dressage... will still probably do stadium and xc in a hackamore). Not knowing that many people in KY to borrow one from, I guess I'll have to buy it and try it. Lucky for me if he goes like shit in one, they sell easy.

Another thing I've been really interested in trying on him is an anatomical girth. He is funny to fit and even though his saddle fits like 95% we still get slippage. I've heard good things about anatomical girths helping with that.

A good girth and a Micklem cost about the same. So it's one or the other. If I go with the Micklem I'll be shopping for a new fleece girth while there, because let's face it, mine is no longer even schooling show quality.....

I also need a new breast collar. I want something elastic, does not have to be a 5-point but does have to come equipped with an 'oh shit' handle.... aka the wither strap.

And of course, Rolex gives me the opportunity to pretend I'm actually in the market for  $5k saddle. Drooling over saddles is my favorite part. If I win the lotto between now and then I'll buy ALL the saddles! (After putting in a covered outdoor arena....) I also like to look at all the deals on cute breeches and shirts and I should probably get a show coat sooner or later.... I'm about ready for new paddock boots too. Mine got holes by the end of last summer and then I adopted a puppy who liked to "sleep" with them in his crate when we first came home. And by sleep, I mean gnaw on....

Anyone else going to Rolex this year??


  1. Oh how I wish I could go. Watch all the riding and shop for all the things. Sounds like heaven!

  2. fun shopping list!!! fingers crossed on winning the lotto in the next two months too haha :)

    1. The worst worst worst part is I get paid monthly now. and I'll get my check the week of Rolex. I could easily spend my whole check there......

  3. I've been itching to try an anatomic girth too...