Monday, March 23, 2015

Jump School!

The ground was dry enough today to pop over some low jumps and even canter over  a few times! So happy!!!!! Twister and I haven't jumped in MONTHSSSS and I forgot what a powerhouse he can be. So much power over even tiny jumps (which he doesn't really  like or respect but jumped well today because well.... it was jumping and we haven't done that in far too long) and I have spaghetti legs. You need lots of leg to sit this horse over jumps. He's so much fun!

He was a little stiff warming up but worked out of it and when I felt him jogging nice and loose we took the first x-rail. My new barn buddy, who is moving in her Fresian-Gypsy cross in for a few months has Rail Razors and those stackable blocks for jumping. SO cool! Even days in the shedrow can now be a fun time with Rail Razors and a zillion poles to trot over.

One thing I forget when I'm on Twister is that although I FEEL like he's moving 100mph he's really not going that fast. He has a nice long stride and I have to re-get used to it every year. After 4 months of walk trot his canter feels HUGE. But then I go watch a replay and I'm like HEY! That looks nice, in control and upright! Woooo! Just so happy to have such a fantastic first jump school of the year.

Hopefully next time it will be dry enough to set up some grid work and some bigger jumps!!!

Let me know if Facebook will let you watch this :)


  1. i know what you mean about feeling like a ride is fast, then watching it on video and it looking pretty normal haha. glad you had so much fun!!! (also, that video did not work for me...)

    1. My friend just shared the videos to my wall and I don't know how to get them off FB and on to Youtube. I'll have to take some with my own camera next time.