Thursday, April 23, 2015

Giant Stall-door-jumping Monsters

Seriously. How did this horse clear this door? I get a call Monday afternoon. I'm still at work and I'm very busy and still have to go buy food. People food. Because I buy dog and cat and horse food and keep forgetting to buy people food. "Hey, Sarah..... is your boarder supposed to be in front of the barn?" HUH? "In the paddock in front of the barn?" "No. In front of the barn. On the mats. By the red gate, which is closed." MUTHER FUCKER. FOR REAL?! He was left in the stall because it was pouring down rain when I left for work and his paddock was a swamp. Twister was in his usual place with the run in for shelter from rain. Well in the middle of the day it warmed up and the sun came out and Twister got sick of babysitting. Monster horse got sick of not being able to see Twister and over he went. BUT HOW?!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!

The monster and the door he jumped.....
On another note, I finally got in a real ride today. With a bit. I've fought with a make sick and see stars migraine all day. If you've never had pain in your brain like this, imagine waking up feeling like someone's hit you on the head a few times with a hammer. I barely got morning chores done without falling over. I've been fighting it all day. But I got home and it was dry enough to mow some. So I mowed. And once my arena was freshly mowed, I figured I better ride too, while it was sunny and dry.
Loose horse... escaped while I was mowing
Freshly mowed arena!
I put the bevel and Micklem back on Twister and set up a little jump. I tried to do a structured warm up and he kept breaking into a canter. So I gave in and let him canter. As long as he wasn't pulling or running off I didn't really care. He really loves to canter and with the little work he's done the past 3 weeks, give a guy what he wants. We cantered forever both ways and he was getting his leads. He was up right and somewhat collected and I wasn't even asking for him to do much. I was pretty pleased. I just stayed off his back and let him go.

He is not impressed. In fact, he might need a nap.
After he was warmed up, I trotted him over the jump both ways then asked him to pick up the canter and we jumped it both ways on a bit canter circle. He got his distance every time and he was getting his leads on landing every time. I was super thrilled! Then we popped over the xc jump a couple times. He was da bomb. Yes I know people don't say that anymore. But I'm just so happy about how well he was after so much down time. And my position was pretty steady too. That would be all the sit ups and squats paying off.

And just because this kid cracks me up, this is yesterday after I did a natural horseman-type lunge session with him.....

"Who you think you are? Chris Cox? Screw
you and your rope halterz!"


  1. lol he's such a character! also i never cease to be amazed at your resourcefulness in building jumps. are those standards made from pallets??? very clever!

    1. they are!! i have a couple sets of them and some more in the making :) my xc jump is a bunch of old fence posts carefully stacked to look natural.

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  2. He certainly has a lot of personality! LOL <3