Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Derby Weekend

Derby was Saturday. And my pick didn't win. Right trainer, wrong horse. When they passed me on the back stretch Dortmund was in front by a head. I guess he just got too tired. First time I've seen him really have to try to keep up. Toughest field in the country though. He'll bounce back to race another day. He's still a classy kid.

American Pharaoh, 141st KY Derby Winner!

Not going to be a stakes winner any time soon....
Tried to make Twister play racehorse. He wasn't
too thrilled about that lol

Then Sunday, I did work around the farm. I mowed and mowed, trying to knock the paddocks down and at least make a gallop lane in the big paddock. T and B came over to help me clear the old posts out of the old little paddock and we took some of them and built me a new xc jump out in the back field. This way I can gallop up to it from a ways off and gallop out after it.

new xc jump! designed to easily add width and height by just adding more!

Twister's been doing this new thing now where I bring him in and tack him up and once I start riding he's an asshat. As soon as I get done riding and turn him out he pees like a racehorse once if not twice. So I guess I need to put him in a stall for a few minutes before I saddle him. He's never done this before. he's getting to be a pain in the butt. Someone said maybe it's the Micklem, but he's been great up until Wednesday or Thursday. Also, maybe I'm jumping him too much. Maybe I need to go down the road or let him gallop out in the big field a little. Normally I only jump once or twice in a week. But since it's been dry, I've been trying to take advantage of it and have been jumping more than not. He loves it, but I think he's getting a little sour.

pretty happy with my position here

Not that it matters too much. Dressage clinic is on Saturday so I'll be doing a little prep work to make sure we are ready and well-behaved for it! I'll ride today and tomorrow and probably just let him stretch out on a lunge line on Friday. I don't want him getting sour!

someone please YELL at me to stretch that leg down and

asking for more stretch and extension. He obliged me...
this time anyways.....

I made this one bigger so you can see my face.... he broke into a canter
from an almost walk catching me unawears.


  1. He is such a handsome beefy thing. That was an exciting derby! My mom, grandma and my pick (also Dortmund) came in first, second and third so that was a lot of fun too!

  2. love the new xc jump and gallop lanes! bummer he's being a sour twit lately - the clinic sounds fun tho!