Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The View Between My Boots

da fuq you doin' on the ground?
Well it was going to happen eventually. I was jumping home alone. Bad, I know. But no one is ever around and I can't just never jump. I had my vest on, I was jumping more than 2ft. And as usually the bailing off/falling off was all my fault. I thought he was going to run out and I was already ahead of the action AND looking down and he decided to go over the block and I was already so far over one side and missing an iron that I just kept going. I feel like I shoulda stuck it. But I didn't. Alas. And it's on video for your viewing pleasure.

Now let's back up.... I had planned on jumping all day today. My person was supposed to be home to help reset jumps and take pics and videos, but as usual the restaurant keeps him busy. So I put my vest on and made sure my phone was in my handy pocket in my Kerrits.

Sorry for the crap stills.......
smooth jump... the last one

I made sure he was moving off my leg at the trot and instead of cantering around and around we did figure 8s and did simple changes across the diagonal, working both on transitions and on getting our leads. It was all going great. Then I started him over a couple jumps. The one you will see us land in the middle of and take out, we jumped GREAT. PERFECT. SMOOTH. I can't say enough. We did the 1 stride easily and the barrel jump. Easy peasy. So I turn on the camera to record and have proof of our awesomeness and it was all down hill from there. We just fell apart. And as usual it's all my fault. Kid was trying, he really was.

I think Twister thought he was going to get yelled at. But it wasn't his fault one little bit at all! And, after being checked on by Ranger who was very concerned for his mommy, I got back on, popped over the x-rail and did the barrel again and cooled him out. I think Friday or Sunday will be another jumping day. A dressage day and a galloping out day in between. Gotta get our shit together! I need M to sit there and yell at me. It seriously helps!

Mommy, you ok???

redemption. I get back on and do the damn thing even
when no one is around to make me!


  1. I love how he turns around and looks at you like WHOA. HOW'D YOU DO THAT? At least it was a pretty graceful dismount.

  2. Thank you SO much for posting this. It was just one of those things that happens from time to time and it wasn't a horrific fall and you popped right back on and owned it. Thanks for letting me know that sometimes the best riders have little oopsie moments.

    Also.... I jump alone sometimes.... but I always have my vest on and my phone with me. and I don't school the big shit.

    1. I wouldn't consider myself "best" rider at all. I went and watched a HT 2 weeks ago and saw 10 year olds handle a course better than I ever have lol.

      It was my first fall in a couple of years, so I was due. But in a way it's a relief. I've dreaded falling off Twister for 4 years. I came off a couple of TBs a couple years ago abut Twister is a BIG horse and LONG fall lol. But now that it's happened I'm not so worried anymore. It wasn't that bad. And he's not as far to the ground as I thought. I feel like now I can approach jumps with a little less anxiety on those days it's not all going swimmingly.

  3. oh no!!!! what a bummer - and Twister is just like 'what is going on, why are you down there?!" glad you're ok tho - you were sooo close to sticking the landing! the rest of the jumping looks pretty good too - and i love your attitude!

    (also - part of why i video *everything* now was bc i had the same pattern of doing really well right up until the camera started rolling, then everything falling apart. so i just figured, what the hell - let it roll and maybe i'll stop paying attention to it eventually lol)

  4. I had a fall recently where I ALMOST stuck it. Glad you're okay and good for you for getting up, getting back on and JUMPING THAT JUMP! :D