Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lunch Break Blog Post

Worst part about the week leading up to a show??? Not the trailer packing. Or keep the horse clean. Or braiding, if you need to braid. Or even cleaning my tack and my boots... It's the wait for the ride times! Because I plan out just about everything the week before based on my ride times! And I am an OCD planner and packer that wants to have everything ready 5 days out, not 2 or 1.


On another note, Twister was all about dat dressage yesterday. I have no idea what got into him, but he was wonderful and I love it! Our trot-walk transitions still needs a lot of work, but we are halting square in front 90% of the time and he was just really nice to ride yesterday. Despite the heat and bugs.

my momma bought me new woof boots! it's been a WHILE
since i had a new pair and they've improved the boot!!
i'm very happy with them!!!!

Also, Rascal has been doing really well. I trimmed his fronts and he wasn't so great about that. And I keep forgetting to take pics of his feet. They are a little brittle and a little ugly. But nothing that can't be fixed! His hinds are really ugly but I need someone to hold him to do those because he is a rude 2 year old sometimes.

little bridges are no problem for his kid!
he actually walked up there quicker than
twister did! :P

he always looks better in pics than he does in person.
in person he looks really fat lol

adortable puppy pic. he will be 1 tomorrow!!!!!


  1. i go crazy waiting for ride times too haha - CRAZY. both ponies are looking very good!

  2. I've turned into a lazy slug when it comes to ride times and packing. I used to be the same way as you, but now I'm sitting on my couch cleaning tack at 9pm the night before like, "Meh. I think I ride at 8-ish tomorrow....?"