Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Stuff For Sale

I don't even want to talk about horses today. Seriously. Kid is a shit. I guess that's an appy characteristic and I'm sure once he's been through a few more days... or weeks.... of training he'll be the best riding horse ever. But seriously...... Twister's been good but we've just been fitness building. Nothing exciting.

I have a bunch of stuff I need to post for sale but I'm going to post here first and give ya'll first dibs. I'll ship anywhere in the US. Probably Friday night or Saturday Am I'll post on Facebook. But honestly, it's too much drama to freaking sell crap on there!

these are amazing. and fit me great. But i have too many!
please someone give them a loving home!

Very good condition, beige. Mid rise. Again... i just haz
too many breeches :(

schooling condition but velcro and everything works well
I've been using them daily.

I thought these were fronts. They're not. And can't force
them to be fronts either. Just dirty. Actually in great shape.
would trade for M Black front Woof Boots

Plain jane D bits. 5" each. $15 shipped each. or $25 for both. 


  1. Oooh I like the green breeches!

    1. They are so amazingly comfy. They have cargo pockets on them for your phone and such.I have 2 pairs and I just don't need 2 of them. I woke up yesterday realizing I had a new addiction to rival my saddle pad hoarding lol

  2. those green breeches are awesome! wrong size tho, boo haha