Monday, July 27, 2015

Back in Action.....again

Twister is back to normal. I'm so happy. 3 hours after giving him Azium IV he was normal again. YAY! Fucking wasp. 

normal, meaty neck!

Saturday after the clinic I wanted to come home and put Twister through his paces and do some of the exercises I'd seen. But I wanted to see how he felt first. So I rode him bareback and figured out how to canter bareback without impaling my jojo on his withers. WIN!

hugs for healthy horses!
Sunday I tacked up and worked on a forward pony in front of my leg and we worked on transitions. He tried to pull his normal shit but he was mostly awesomeness. Our transitions were actually halfway decent and our canter wasn't a raging bull out of control despite his pent up energy. I was really happy with him!

so hard to do work when dogs are always in the way!
so special......


  1. I'm glad his neck is all better! It's been a bad year for bugs, Apollo is very lumpy right now (he's a special snowflake who is very allergic to bug bites).

    I love that pic of you cantering bareback!

  2. yay!!! i'm (obviously) reading these last few posts in rapid succession, but still am super relieved that the swelling is gone. for some reason i get pretty uncomfortable about random neck/throat swellings.... anyway glad he's back in action! fingers crossed he stays that way lol