Thursday, July 30, 2015

TBT: because i have nothing else to blog about

How about a little TBT for ya?? I haven't been doing much exciting with Twister. As a matter of fact, yesterday I didn't ride at all. Tried to lunge him but the lightning got scary.......

This photo was 2 years ago or so. Maybe late Septemeber 2013. Twister has not always had the 0 fucks given attitude toward scary jumps.  I had made this jump and he would NOT jumps the pallet. Slammed on the breaks every time. I think in this pic I'm telling M, "SERIOUSLY?!" Eventually it became no problem and he's become a horse that literally never refuses. We might launch 12 feet above the scary-ness, but shit gets jumped!

if i can't see it maybe it will go away!


  1. hahaha i love it - and can practically hear him shouting to himself 'see no evil, SEE NO EVIL!!' lol

    1. hahaha i wish blogger gave you an option to "like" this comment like on facebook.