Monday, August 29, 2016

How to start a Monday

We didn't have a very good week last week. Tuesday was filled with lots of screaming in the truck when we went to pick up lumber. Wednesday wasn't too bad. But Thursday and Friday were terrible. By the end of Friday Sianna and I were both crying. She is teething and that also makes her colicky. And you can't just give her banamine and hand walk her until she craps. You rock them while they scream and you keep giving infant gas relief drops and gripe water and chamomile tea. And pray for them to feel better. Pray for them to start crying. Yesterday and today have been the best days in a week.

I always knew there were horses at the end of the rainbow

And this morning after I fed all the animals and the baby and my person, I put the baby down for a nap and ran out and got on Twister. We spent about 20 minutes riding and getting chewed on by flies but it was totally what a I needed. Twister was really good after he tried to pop a couple of wheelies. He moved out pretty good for a horse who hates hoof boots and was wearing hoof boots. They make him look prettier when he moves. Lol!

centaur selfie 

Because I only ride once every couple of weeks I don't try to do anything too fancy with Twister. I ask him to move off my leg, be somewhat bendy, and be soft in his mouth. No pulling my arms off please!

And because he's hardly been ridden and feels mega neglected, he basically does anything I ask. So after he gets being frisky out of his system we have a nice ride until giant monster horse flies start chewing on not only his ass, but mine as well.

Here is a little video. Nothing amazing. But it makes me SO happy to watch!

And here is an ovary-melting cutie to start your week off right!

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  1. Aw twister looks happy to be playing! Hopefully Sianna's teeth and tummy start feeling better too!