Thursday, September 8, 2016

Projects! Projects! Projects!

So much going on at my place right now. We still have the barn project where we took down the stalls on the southern wall of the barn, are opening it up and adding more overhang so we can use it at a machinery shed/trailer park.

And supposedly we are getting a roof put over the eurosizer this fall as well.

AND we are going to enclose our porch and make it into the guest room/office. Which means after that gets done I'll have to redo the baby's room to make it more baby friendly.

Part of changing up the barn is that we are taking down the 4 corner stalls in the shedrow so that we can have more room to ride, maybe even be able to do a little cantering in the shedrow. Which means I'll have to set up and make a new feed room. Which means cleaning out the current one and throwing old nasty shit away, being covered in cobwebs and snorting mold and dust.....

communal hay rack
Today my part was small. I put up the gate in Rascal's stall. Rascal is a destroyer of all things. He breaks halters and grazing muzzle, rips blankets and flysheets and he has broken more screw eyes and practically ripped his webbing in half. Because the board is all chewed up from Twister and Fatass who used to have that stall I had to set the gate a little low. On the bright side, it's at pony height for when we someday have a pony! ;)

he really isn't impressed. much harder to break
a gate....
I also have some Pintrest DIY-ers planned. Mainly to build a crate cover for Mona Lu's crate so when I inevitably have to bring it back in the house. If I could make it a crate/entry way table that would be super. And once we have the addition I want to upcycle stuff for the baby's room. I'm all motivated with my big ideas now but let's face it.... I'm not crafty. I'd rather buy a finished product. So we'll see.........


  1. I love some of the decorative/functional house furniture crates I've seen online (and I don't even have a dog)

  2. omg lots of big projects!!! i get so overwhelmed by the big multi-day stuff haha, much preferring the easy little things that can be knocked out in an hour or two. sounds like everything is gonna be pretty awesome once it's done tho!

  3. Whoa, lots of projects! I love stuff on pinterest...but I am so lazy and so not crafty hahah

  4. Your Mama is pretty darn crafty. Soon as I can come down, I'd be happy to make whatever you need!