Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Cure For All Evil

A week ago after Twisterpants got shoes on I went riding. Due to time constraint of the napping child, I decided to tack up western because it takes me half the time. I am so glad I did. While things at the walk-trot were no different than in my English saddle, cantering was a whole other story.

Due to my pelvic floor dysfunction and prolapse, cantering has been a bitch. I always knew having a baby would affect my riding but I never realized that it would affect it more than just having time. It's been so hard to do things that were second nature to me 2 years ago. This time 2 years ago I was jumping over 2ft consistently and getting ready for a show. Today I have issues cantering more than a few strides.

But I've been doing PT for all that and taking it very seriously. And when I asked Twister to pick up his left lead and he proceeded to drag me like he thought he was freaking Bernardini out for a morning gallop, I was able to sit deep, yank his head up and ride several circles with no issues other than being out of shape. It felt fucking fantastic. Like you have NO idea.

So than I asked for his right lead. And same thing. Felt amaze-balls. Normally I'd say that riding western to help me get a strong, deep seat is cheating. But after everything my nether-regions have gone through I'm going to go ahead and say that it's only helping me get back to being able to ride like I was 2 years ago, without all the issues I've been dealing with. So I'll just ride western for a couple months. May not be my favorite but at least I'll be riding!!!!!!

And then it's rained on and off the last week keeping my paddocks and yard too mushy to ride at all. Might be okay for a walk this afternoon before it rains....again.... tonight.

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  1. I don't think there's anything at all with choosing the tack most likely to keep you secure and comfortable and strong! That canter sounds great too, esp after so much time away!! And I love the pics!!!