Monday, April 17, 2017

I need opinions!

So I have a little tax money....And I was going to allow myself very little of that little to get that new helmet and paddock boots. But my mama says I should get something I really want. And I really want a new saddle. This would be the time. Maybe the only time for a long time.


Do I get a ap/jumping saddle I don't hate so much. More like a CC that I would do all the things in and not hate so much the say I fit in it and how it pushes my leg half way back to China.

Or do I invest in a dressage saddle. Finally. It will be at least another year before I even think about jumping again. And even then I can do the 2ft baby shit in my loathed saddle.

My budget is theoretically very low. Thanks to a cavity that is UNDER my crown and because the crown has a crack it can't be saved and my insurance won't cover new crowns. So there's that. Probably I'd have to be looking at used Wintecs or Teknas for either the CC or Dressage.

And I don't even know if I'm for sure going to go through with a purchase. But weigh in anyways!


  1. Al says, " you've had a hell of a year, buy your saddle and fix your tooth."

  2. Oooh decisions decisions! I have both a jump and dressage saddle that I love that each cost exactly the same: both Bates caprillis. Neither is fancy, but both are great (for me). If I had to choose just one, it would be the jump saddle tho. That thing is staying with me forever and I'll sell the horse before I sell it. Plus it's converted to wool flocking, and the interchangeable gullet, while imperfect, works fine for me. Good luck in your shopping!!

  3. I'd get the jump saddle too. You can still flat just fine in a jump saddle, but it's way harder to jump in a dressage saddle. Check out some old Stubbens, too! I got mine for $400 shipped.

  4. Speaking as someone who through a series of recent unfortunate events, currently only owns a dressage saddle: Buy the jump saddle :)