Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Cowboy Up and Ride

Being a stay at home mom can make me go a little crazy. I like working. I like having a job. And just like any human ever, I like having some time to myself. Saturday I had to turn down a chance to ride. But Sunday when I was invited again I was all over that. I needed some adult interactions and baby free time.

Twister's feet were a total mess. And I wanted to take Rascal off the farm.

Well I almost came off in the front yard. 4 horses joined Rascal and I at the farm. They splashed through the ditch. I was too relaxed on little baby horse and he spooked and I nearly came off. After I got him standing still, I got off shaking. I wanted to thrown the towel in right then and there. But it was ride Rascal or don't ride at all.

I dusted off my XC vest, put it on and got back on the horse. After that he was pretty good for a 4 year old that hasn't been off the farm since September 2015. We had one more big spook. And because I'm still lacking in leg strength, I got off at a couple of bigger ditches and one steep bank. And I'm glad I did. The bank he wasn't doo bad at. Took a few minutes for him to be led down it but he didn't leap. The one big bank he jumped like he was in a 4 star event. So the next time through I led him again but this time he slid down in and lept up it. Next time I'll ride through it. And with a little encouragement he walked through the creek too.

He's so good. He wants to please. But he does wear me out. He has to be ridden every step of the way. Not like Twister is nicely clears trees instead of rubbing so close to them that I could break my leg. Leg and 2 reins constantly all the time. After 2 hours I was exhausted. But so proud of how I, a known chicken shit, cowboyed up and rode the damn horse. And I can't wait for the next time we go out.

As much as I love riding Twister, I need to ride Rascal as much as possible when we go off the farm. SJ will be riding solo before I know it (2 years probably) so I want him unflappable.

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  1. good for you for getting up there and doing it anyway even if Rascal was kinda bein a baby! i know what you mean about how exhausting it is to 'ride every step' on the trails - that's exactly how my new guy is too (and it doesn't help that the trails around us are legitimately almost too technical for such a big awkward horse...). still tho, it's worth it!! also that last pic is adorable