Monday, March 4, 2019

F**king Sick of Winter - mostly a photo dump

Holy crap is it ever going to stop?! It rains for days one week and the next it snow and is bitter cold. I'm lucky to get 1 day to ride in a week. Last week I got a whole 3 days. A record this winter.

Our property is terrible for rain. When it rains it takes days and days to dry out enough to even walk-trot and I can't ride at the top of the field because I'm trying very hard to let the grass grow when the weather is halfway decent.

took him 2 mins to be a x-tie champ
Curtis is super ugly right now. He is always super ugly during the winter but I feel like he's extra ugly this year. We picked a knock-the-dust off show, April 20. It's a mini-mini trial and....THERE IS LEADLINE! SJ will do leadline all 3 phases (Intro A and poles on the ground) with her trusty redheaded steed, Rascal and I'm going to probably do ride-a-test for Intro A or B. Just to get out and see if we can behave better than we did in Nov. In about 2 weeks we will have a field trip to a friend's down the road with both ponies for practice and probably a lesson for me. Much needed!

awkward, ugly mule-horse

goal: get the "about to do the jumpies trot " all the time

it was 65* and he was all about the jumpies

she learned to post at the walk!
 And no one is shedding! I'm so annoyed. So 2 weeks ago I dewormed them and still nada. I blame the lack of grass. They're not used to so little grass even in winter. The work on the property tore up so much of it too late in the year.....

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  1. This winter does feel like it's just droning on and on and on.