Thursday, January 7, 2016


I don't really have horse-related goals for 2016. But even with baby girl due late April, I don't want to neglect Twister. He would hold it against me forever. He's already feeling neglected and needy.

why we no go riding? why you no haz cookie?

So my goals are simple.....

  • Try to get back in the saddle sometime in July. Even just to poke around the farm for a few minutes now and then.

  • Make time for Twister. Even if it's just a good grooming or a cuddle with blackmail cookies. 

  • Keep up with his feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully by 2017 we can get back to training. And who know, by then maybe I'll have Crazy Curtis to work with! (Seriously, that mellow child is no more. He is fit and wired for sound and would need several months of letting down before I even got on him lol)


And of course I will be introducing baby girl to the horses as soon as it's safe. Obviously she wont be on anyone's back! But I want Twister and her to get a chance to check each other out. Ponies are the devil. So someday Twister will be baby girl's main mount. So they might as well get acquainted early!

"how long has your daughter been riding?"
"since she was a fetus"
And as usually there will be racing in 2016. We are actually racing both tonight. I won' be there, but I'll be watching and cheering from home.

Dnieper is less psycho during turnout.... though notice how
Rascal's new boots have already been used for racehorses lol
That only took about 5 seconds :P
Here's to an awesome year!!!!!!!!