Thursday, April 20, 2017

Those who don't make impulse purchaces.....

....find something that might fit even better!

The review for this saddle are great and it looks like it will have plenty of either clearance. Some of the reviews specifically said that it works best on horses with some wither. I'll sleep on it of course. But I think I'm leaning toward this.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Anyone know what this is?

This is on Facebook and I like it and I think it will fit Twister after asking a million questions. But what is it? I think it's an old pro trainer.

Monday, April 17, 2017

I need opinions!

So I have a little tax money....And I was going to allow myself very little of that little to get that new helmet and paddock boots. But my mama says I should get something I really want. And I really want a new saddle. This would be the time. Maybe the only time for a long time.


Do I get a ap/jumping saddle I don't hate so much. More like a CC that I would do all the things in and not hate so much the say I fit in it and how it pushes my leg half way back to China.

Or do I invest in a dressage saddle. Finally. It will be at least another year before I even think about jumping again. And even then I can do the 2ft baby shit in my loathed saddle.

My budget is theoretically very low. Thanks to a cavity that is UNDER my crown and because the crown has a crack it can't be saved and my insurance won't cover new crowns. So there's that. Probably I'd have to be looking at used Wintecs or Teknas for either the CC or Dressage.

And I don't even know if I'm for sure going to go through with a purchase. But weigh in anyways!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Rascal the Rockstar

I borrowed a bareback pad from E to use on Rascal so I could ride him. Not that I need one but it certainly helps. Helps me grip, gives me something to hold on to, just in case, and helps me not be covered in Yeti hair.

So I set up a little obstacle course for him and the last 3 days I've been trying my damnedest to find something that will make him hesitate. So far nothing! He's been amazing. I lunge him about 5 minutes before getting on (today we lunged over a x-rail and ummm awesome!) and then we do some walk-trot. He doesn't have much mouth but that's a bit of being green and hardly ridden and a bit of needing his teeth done.

We added the tarp on day 2 and today I added my pallet bridge and a walk down the driveway. Now every single ride, Twister is losing his shit the the paddock right next to us. When we went down the driveway he was careening around the paddock like a fucking idiot. Rascal did not care one bit. Twister is the clingy girlfriend, obviously. He is also extremely jealous. And I feel bad. Because I've had so much fun riding this little kid. Twister needs some loving. Riding loving. None of this grooming, mane-pulling shit.

See Twister running the fence??

Anyways.... I was going to wear spurs and maybe I still should, but Rascal has been doing good with leg or occasionally heel jab. We have a LONG way to go but considering he's been ridden like 10 times since September 2015, I'm really happy. I really want to take him on a little trail ride. But first we need a saddle. Because I'm not riding him bareback. I would die. I've improved quite a bit since last time I rode Rascal but I am not ready for a bareback ride!

Oh and I almost forgot the best part!! This kid fights backing up when he's being ridden like nobody's business. So as you can see in the video, I have a neck strap and use it to ask him to back up and it worked great.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Wasting this Awesome Weather

Those of you that are friends with me on Facebook and Instagram know this already.... the other day Twister decided to get a loose shoe. My person was mowing the lawn and Twister and Rascal decided that because they haven't seen a mower since October it was clearly going to eat them and were pretty much breezing around their field. The jackwagon even had bellboots on. But that evening I went out to brush him and pull his mane and pick his feet and he has a loose shoe. So no riding. And I could ride Rascal. Because it has been gorgeous out. And 80s the next few days. But I don't really have a saddle that fits him. My English saddle fits him ok-ish. But is really better for a horse with a gigantic shoulder and also shark fin withers.

So the plan is to try and get in a couple bareback rides on him. Even if we are only walking. I can at least work on lightness and not grazing every step of the way.

The farrier is supposed to come back and fix Twister's shoe and put Curtis' shoe back on (he lost one like 3 days after they were put on!) but he hasn't been by yet.

And because I need a photo for this post, check out how ugly Twister's mane looks. I got a little crazy with the pulling. Not my best mane ever. That's ok. It'll grow. q

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Because It's Daylight Until 8:30!

Last night I put the little lady to bed and I was soooooo tired because she's back to never sleeping (it's an on and off things...) but it was 70* and sunny and clear and beautiful. Because it's going to rain today I decided to take advantage and ride.

If I'd been smart I would have ridden the clean horse. But I don't have a western saddle that fits his large coffee table withers. So I spent nearly 30 minutes just getting the mud and hair off Twister. I've been getting so much hair off him and he's still so fuzzy! And he's been wormed. So I guess I just need to work harder....

I thought I'd mostly walk-trot a bit, it's still a little soft in the yard, but he was being really light and moving off my leg as if I had spurs on. So we side passed and did transitions and then did a million simple changes. He was getting that right lead so easy. Normally it's a fight that takes a couple of tries. But he was right on the ball.

He was so much fun to ride. If I go out early afternoon I might get another ride in. So let's hope the weather and tiny human cooperate before the storms come later today.

Then he got a handful of oats and was allowed to graze in the front yard, which only really awesome ponies get to do after a ride. And then I turned him out and he rolled so hard in the mud and I'm mad at him because it will take forever to tack up again today. Jerkface.