Monday, April 27, 2015

Baby Racehorses Breezing

Our 3 year old, Baby Curtis (Da Money Man) had his first official breeze on Sunday. He was very professional and breezed 3/8 in 38:00. He got the bullet for that distance for the day! A bullet for his first work!!!! (For non-track-smart people, the bullet is the best work of the day at any given distance). A very respectable time for a first timer! He's been in training almost 2 months now and is coming along nicely. I can't wait until his debut! Maybe by the end of June he'll be ready to race. I'm hoping for him to break his maiden first time out. How awesome would that be?!

My very professional baby boy! My very talented SO up :)

Da Ladies Man (Porkchop) also worked... kind of.... on Sunday. The bug boy who rode for us and died up in Indiana in October has a little brother. A little brother that could be his twin. Seriously, it was like looking at a ghost. Sebastian Saez is riding at Churchill now as a bug boy. He's 16. He worked Porkchop for us. He's good on a horse but as far as having a clock in his head and knowing where the poles are and what pole is which, he's a little green. We'd love to have him ride for us, but maybe after he's been around the block a few more times. The breeze was more of a gallop, but oh well. 

Da Ladies Man, getting ready to breeze,, Sebastian Saez up

coming back after his "breeze"

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Encouraging Ride!

I have had some pretty awesome rides lately, but today I had the best one yet. Like a seriously drama-free, enjoyable, productive ride. I used the Micklem, now my most favorite piece of tack, and switched out the bevel for my plain old copper french link. I got him to do some really nice, light flatwork. He was moving off my leg as much as I could expect without spurs (note to self: stop getting lazy and put the damn spurs on!) and when I asked him to canter he wasn't all strung out or pulling. Going to the right he had the best canter in a long time. The canter circle was the best. I was so happy.

So I started popping him over that same little jump. He was fantastic. I have never been able to jump him in a plain snaffle without feeling dragged or brakeless or out of control at any point in time. Today, I had none of those moments. He got his distances, which he's not always good at doing when we canter jumps. And he cantered off, getting his leads, without running off as he is known to do after landing. And I could go from the xc jump to the pallets without messing with him too much to get his mind focused again. I wish it would dry out enough to put the jumps up because I totally feel confident to put them up now. I'm not afraid of him launching and dropping me or of him missing his distance and running through the jump. Between his teeth getting done and the Micklem, he is a much nicer, happier horse to ride!! I've thought I've been having some great rides with this kid this spring, but I guess I didn't know what a really and truly good ride was! No hissy fits = a really and truly good ride. Rides like this are the confidence boosters I need and I feel like we are becoming more in sync. Ready for all the showz!

Also, my awesome mom made me fly bonnets to match my show pads. They are perfect! They make Twister look very professional and handsome.

Vaquero loves his pony <3
My personal fav is the orange!!

Also, no Rolex for me. some severe weather headed this way and standing out in the rain and thunder all day is not appealing Especially seeing as I was sick 2 or 3 weeks ago and don't want to repeat the experience. I am supper bummed. Are multiple dry, sunny days in a row too much to ask???


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Giant Stall-door-jumping Monsters

Seriously. How did this horse clear this door? I get a call Monday afternoon. I'm still at work and I'm very busy and still have to go buy food. People food. Because I buy dog and cat and horse food and keep forgetting to buy people food. "Hey, Sarah..... is your boarder supposed to be in front of the barn?" HUH? "In the paddock in front of the barn?" "No. In front of the barn. On the mats. By the red gate, which is closed." MUTHER FUCKER. FOR REAL?! He was left in the stall because it was pouring down rain when I left for work and his paddock was a swamp. Twister was in his usual place with the run in for shelter from rain. Well in the middle of the day it warmed up and the sun came out and Twister got sick of babysitting. Monster horse got sick of not being able to see Twister and over he went. BUT HOW?!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!

The monster and the door he jumped.....
On another note, I finally got in a real ride today. With a bit. I've fought with a make sick and see stars migraine all day. If you've never had pain in your brain like this, imagine waking up feeling like someone's hit you on the head a few times with a hammer. I barely got morning chores done without falling over. I've been fighting it all day. But I got home and it was dry enough to mow some. So I mowed. And once my arena was freshly mowed, I figured I better ride too, while it was sunny and dry.
Loose horse... escaped while I was mowing
Freshly mowed arena!
I put the bevel and Micklem back on Twister and set up a little jump. I tried to do a structured warm up and he kept breaking into a canter. So I gave in and let him canter. As long as he wasn't pulling or running off I didn't really care. He really loves to canter and with the little work he's done the past 3 weeks, give a guy what he wants. We cantered forever both ways and he was getting his leads. He was up right and somewhat collected and I wasn't even asking for him to do much. I was pretty pleased. I just stayed off his back and let him go.

He is not impressed. In fact, he might need a nap.
After he was warmed up, I trotted him over the jump both ways then asked him to pick up the canter and we jumped it both ways on a bit canter circle. He got his distance every time and he was getting his leads on landing every time. I was super thrilled! Then we popped over the xc jump a couple times. He was da bomb. Yes I know people don't say that anymore. But I'm just so happy about how well he was after so much down time. And my position was pretty steady too. That would be all the sit ups and squats paying off.

And just because this kid cracks me up, this is yesterday after I did a natural horseman-type lunge session with him.....

"Who you think you are? Chris Cox? Screw
you and your rope halterz!"

Monday, April 20, 2015

It's the MOST Wonderful Time of the Yearrrrr!

No, really, it is! It's almost May. Which means Rolex. Which means getting to use my amazing camera to take awesome shots of fantastic horse and rider teams going over jumps that would make me piss my pants. Also Rolex means the biggest tack sale of my life... again. I will sit in a million saddles and pretend I am actually going to buy one maybe. And I will bring a few things home for the poneh. My shopping list has changed in recent months: 1. Anatomical girth, or maybe a neoprene girth. My fleece girth is ugly and beyond CPR. Definitely not show quality on it's very best day which is never. 2. Perhaps a new set of boots. New Woof boots or maybe some open fronts. Our boots have also seen better days and were hardly show quality when I bought them used over a year ago. 3. Random things I probably don't really need. Maybe that means breeches? Or something ridiculous for the dogs? And of course I'll be filling out ever entry form for anything that could possibly be won! Ya never know!!!

This time of the year also means racing! We are picking out races for our horses and training and I spend at least one weekend day at the track and sneak over there during the week when I can. I love hanging out on the backstretch, drinking my coffee, talking to everyone and helping with our horses. Porkchop (Da Ladies Man) has been training well and has had a lot of time off after his 3 races this winter. We picked a race for him at Churchill after Derby. Curtis (Da Money Man) is training like a big horse. He's been at the track a little over a month and my fiance says he's the one. Which is what I've been saying for like 2 years now. He's going to be a big horse. He has stakes potential. (BTW, Curtis is also my someday next event horse. He's super athletic. But I'm in no rush. He can race for a few years. But then he's mine!!!!)

Da Money Man (baby Curtis) galloping on Saturday morning. Kid's got it going on! (the one closest to the camera)
This time of year also means Derby! Though I don't go every year, I love Derby! I might be watching from our restaurant this year, but I will still be watching. I have never missed a Derby in my life (except the year I spent in the ER after I got double barreled by a warmbloodX). And anyone that distracts me risks their life. Jk.... or am I? When you live right outside of Louisville, Derby is even a bigger deal than anywhere else in the world. Kids get Friday Oaks day off of school! Where else in the world do kids get off school for a horse race?! It's freaking awesome! I can't believe I haven't lived in KY my whole life! What were my parents thinking????

And this time of year also means someday it WILL freaking dry out and I WILL be able to train outside again! Galloping and jumping and working on our dressage skillz. I have horse shows planned (to compete in and to do my giveaways for my insurance business) and clinics and I have had offers to come to a friend's farm to xc school. BUT IT NEEDS TO DRY OUT!!!!!!!!!!

But truly, this is my favorite time of year. I hate winter so much that shedding horses, warm days, longer lasting daylight, peepers, birds, geese, tall grass, leafy trees and riding outside make me positively giddy!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

What?! Wait! Was that MY Horse????

...... that just tried to kill your horse?!?!?!?!

before he turned into a shithead
That's what took me seconds to process yesterday. E and I went out down the road and we were making our way back home through the corn field and Twister was RANK. RANK RANK RANK. I have never seen him so freaking rank ever in  4 years. And he was riding with a mare. He never gets aggressive toward another horse let alone a mare. He loves da ladies! He kicked out and almost got E in the leg. When it finally processed, I smacked him a good one on his shoulder which he responded to with a buck. He dragged me the rest of the way home. I got him in the little paddock at home and make him w/t/c until he behaved. He was soaked. My back hurt and I was cranky. I could only think that maybe this was his very rude and inappropriate way of telling me his mouth still hurt. OK OK OK.  I GET IT.

Today I did his feet, got 20 lbs of hair off him then got on western with the hackamore and took him to the little paddock. There was a little head tossing but I finally let him lope out and he picked up his leads both ways and loped and loped and loped and loped. He was much better behaved. I walked him all over the farm to cool out then gave him a bath and put his fly mask on for the first time of the year. He's a happy boy. I guess I'll just ride in the hackamore for a week then switch to the copper french link for a while. It's too damn wet to jump anyways....

Good horse, good dog!

Happy, inappropriate pony

Tired dogs after a good long swim

WTF is this????
This pic is something Twister has had for a couple years now. I've used ring worm cream on it, but nothing... plus it doesn't spread so I'm pretty sure it's not that. I've used anti bacterial cream and anti fungal crap, tea tree oil, baby oil... you name it. It won't go away or grow hair. Any ideas? I'd post to a FB page but they will all tell me it's everything the post says I know it's not. And that aggravates me to NO end. He has a couple new ones between his back legs. They don't seem to bother him.....

Thursday, April 16, 2015

First Ever Teeth Floating

My poor poor horse. I knew his teeth were bad, but had no idea how mean I'd been for months and month not having the dentist out. The racehorses have their teeth done every year, some times more often, as in Porkchop's case. I'm surprised he hasn't called Sarah McLaughlin and the ASPCA.... after all he is SO dramatic.

the waiting

With the promise of a decent tax return, I scheduled an appointment. The guy has known my person for years and lives only 10 minutes away. He came out first thing this morning. I wanted him to try to work on Twister without any tranq, but Twister has never had his teeth floated to our knowledge and was a bit of an ass. So he got a shot.

He did a really great job. Worked on Twister for about an hour and made sure to get all the way in the back and pay special attention to the teeth right behind the bit.

When I left for work Twister was still pretty out of it. The other horse was outside and Twister left in his stall, and he didn't even care. Which is a big deal. My person will turn him out later for me. I was going to shedrow today, but I figure I'll let his mouth rest today and maybe shedrow or hack out tomorrow in the hackamore and try the Micklem and snaffle on Saturday.
the drowsy aftermath

By the way! I don't know how he knew, but the dentist asked if I rode him in a French snaffle. How did he know?? 

Anyways! Twister has had far too much time off since the show, mostly because it's so freaking wet outside I can't really train anyways. I could jog in the shedrow but Twister and I both hate that and it has to not be down pouring to go down the road...... This soggy spring is cramping my style. At least it's warm.....

Also! The dentist ask me who did Twister's feet because they looked really good. I was so proud to be able to say I do this feet!! =D

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


This is a rant about boarders. We never have boarders. Mostly because we are not a boarding facility. We train and own. End of story. If there is a non-owned horse at our place it's because they are paying a hefty day rate for us to break and train the horse for the track. Or in one instance we were training two horses in exchange for the use of an old man's bobcat to do work around the farm all summer.... and believe me we used the shit out of that machine. My person always says he hates boarders, that they always screw you over, that they are far more trouble than they are worth. You always always loose money.

Well, as most of you know, we have a temporary boarder at the farm. WHAT WERE WE THINKING? It's a long time friend and her horse needed somewhere to go for a couple months while she got back on her feet. The plan was that it was 99% self board. I'd bring the beast in and out occasionally and feed him. But since the show she's been there 2 or 3 times in 10 days. Doesn't call to check on him or anything. And she was supposed to be helping my person at the track every morning to help pay for hay and the pasture he's thoroughly wrecked by his constant galloping around. But every time we ask her to do something she has a fit and throws all the stuff she's done in our faces. Really we've hardly asked for enough to cover self-board, let alone full-board, which it practically is anyways. I am taking care of this horse every day, doing his hay and water and stall and turning him in and out. I don't have time to take care of a free horse. When we are breaking a baby we are getting paid for it. A hefty day rate. So, naturally, I'm peeved.

My friend with the little mare has left her horse at our farm for a couple of nights before on a couple of occasions and I never have to chase her down and remind her to take care of her horse or to do work around the barn to pay for the hay and pasture for the couple of days. She's there every day and does all the stalls (at the time there were 4 or 5 horses at the farm) and rakes the shedrow and levels it out and sweeps the feed and tack room and fills up all the outside and inside waters and sets the stalls for when I need to bring in. All without ever being asked. Never once have I had to say, hey can you do all this to work off your couple days of board. She just does it. Because she appreciates the fact that we are letting her horse camp out.

When you do someone a favor, like let their huge horse stay at your place for a couple months, you don't bitch when asked to do thing or help out, you bust your ass and do double what's asked without BEING ASKED. You show appreciation. You don't take advantage of hospitality. You don't leave the wheel barrel piled sky high when you clean the stall. And you don't leave your horse's shit all over the shedrow after you ride. You do whatever looks like might need doing because someone is helping you out and they didn't have to. Boarding a horse is not a little thing. It's a pretty damn big thing! And to not even call and say hey I'm not going to make it out there today or hey how's my horse doing today? Ugh. I'm so annoyed.

No more boarders. EVER. If Twister needs another horse on the farm so bad, we can go get another $500 sale barn horse and train it up and it can be my person's riding horse/Twister's buddy. It's a totally different matter to have a second horse you own as opposed to a free loading boarder. Especially a high maintenance boarder. When you say you'll work off your board, it's not the boarder's decision to decide when it is worked off. UGHHH!

I hate this freaking drama. This is why my person never wants boarders, no matter who they are. I was told yesterday you don't mix money and friendship. Well, I wish I'd heard that a month ago. Rant over. I'm so cranky about this.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Remedial Trailer Training....

...for my 11 year old, seasoned hauler??? We'll get to that.

What didn't I do this weekend?? Friday Twister went in the Eurosizer with the surcingle and side reins. Saturday I went to the track and helped my person plus tried to talk business with some folks. Then I was going to ride because it was gorgeous out and I was needed at the restaurant. So I did Twister's feet and knocked 20lbs of hair off him.

it doesn't even look like I got hair off him....

Baby Curtis all grown up!

Sunday, however, was the busiest day. I slept in then rode. Twister hasn't been under saddle in over a week and was a bit rank. He needed a blow out but there was no where dry enough for a good long canter. So I went to that small section of gallop lane that does drain and just let him canter back and forth then we jogged and worked on bending for a bit until he was huffing and puffing. I really wish the gallop lane was finished all the way around. Be so nice to have it............

After I rode I mowed for the first time, and it was much needed!! I also set up Twister's run-in shed area and finally moved the trailer back to where it belongs, but not before my bestie/neighbor came over to work her magic. She has a knack for getting a horse to do something it is dead set against. Like Twister not wanting to get in the trailer all of a sudden. It took a while and he got really stressed out and worked up about it. But finally we both could load him easily and have him stand there relaxed. I know I need to do this a few more times if I plan on taking him to any more shows this season.

Do All the Thingz!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

TOABH: 18 on the 18th

Eighteen on the Eighteenth.
In honor of Archie's 18th birthday, tell me 18 things you love about your horse.
1. I love how I've loved him from day one.

2. I love how patient he is with me, even when I'm almost falling off and ripping at his mouth in the process. He just deals.

3. I love what a total asshat he can be sometimes.

4. I love how far we've come together and how much we have both taught each other and learned together.

5. I love his personality... he has so much of it. He opens gates and sticks his nose in where it doesn't belong and is always conniving to get cookies.

So this is where the kitties sleep? Wait!
They have a heater?! No fair!!!

 6. I love how he always goes above and beyond what he is asked.
7. I love how he is always up for an adventure!
adventures in blizzards

adventures through the McDonald's drive-thru
8. I love how great he is with kids. He could be being eaten alive by deer flies and he won't move a muscle if a kid is near by.
9. I love how good he is with kitties and doggie.

10. I love how he has to over jump all the thingz!

11. I love how he also hates snow as much as I do.

12. I love how he purposely tries to look ridiculous when I pull out a camera.

13. I love how frisky he can be so randomly. Mostly he thinks it's foolish to waste too much energy.
frisky pony playing rodeo bronc in the middle...

14. I love his awkward chestnuty/sorrel coloring. Makes him unique.

15. I love his bare hooves, even though they are so much hard work and so much hard earned money to keep him sound on them.

16. I love how he always can make me smile

17. I love how he loves to give kissies

18. I love how he is my best friend and always there for me.

 BTW.... this was REALLY hard. I could do another 18 things easily....

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pros and Cons of Having Horses at Home

this is not all ours. this is our neighbors huge hay field,
looking out at our little farm. (the cat is mine...)
For those of you that board, you might think "there's a CON to this?" Why yes. There are logically pros and cons to everything ever.  It's not all fun and games. And don't get me wrong, I LOVE having my boy at home and the racehorses too when they are on vay-cay. But there are days I miss barns full of other riders. I have heard complaints from boarders wishing they had their own farm and people with horses at home wishing they could afford to board. So here's the lists from my prospective as someone who has her own farm (with her fiancĂ©) and who also happens to be very opinionated ;)

The Obvious Pros
  1. Having ponypants at home at all times!!!!
  2. Being able to ride whenever you feel like it... rain, snow, hot, cold, too early, too late...
  3. Controlling your feeding times, grain amount and hay amount
  4. Controlling how much turnout ponypants gets. For me, it's the more the better!
  5. Being able to know everything that's going on, for example, if someone (*cough Curtis cough*) runs through a fence, I KNOW about it and can be there to handle it.
  6. Mucho work outs all week: stall cleaning, hay bale lifting, wheel barrel tugging, grain sack hefting, water hose dragging. Keeps me fit!
  7. Getting up every morning to friendly nickers and going to bed every night after fuzzy kisses.
  8. Being able to decide what is right for my horse and not having to play by someone else's rules.
  9. Not having to deal with any potential drama-causing, barn snobs.
  10. No one is going to take my crap w/o permission then make me go hunting for it when it wasn't returned.
  11. I pick my hay. I know it's good hay.
  12. I do what I want!
  13. Almost never have to worry about the horses
  14. Not having someone give you crap for blanketing/not blanketing your horse.
  15. Making the rules... well my person and I both do. Which is better than being somewhere else, because I'm not very good at FOLLOWING rules....
  16. No one to judge me on how I handle naughty ponies. This does NOT mean I beat my horse. I never would. But I lay down the law because 11 year old grown up boys can be naughty too and try and get away with stuff. I don't have 12 different people all telling me why what I'm doing to handle a pissy pony is wrong and bad. And then the TB's can get VERY naughty too.....

Home sweet home.

The Inevitable Cons (there aren't more, just longer explanations...)
  1. Never getting to sleep in EVER. Dogs can have the door opened and sent on their merry way. Horses must be fed. Or they will make you think they are knocking their stall down. For me, 8am is sleeping in.... and that's pushing it.
  2. After a long day at the office, the stalls still won't clean themselves and water tanks won't fill themselves.
  3. Winter. Frozen. Cold. Constant stall cleaning, ice breaking, bucket lugging bullcrap.
  4. Hardly ever getting to go out of town or stay out late because you have to find someone to feed, water, bring in/turn out the horses (and dogs and cats).
  5. Not having someone to hang out with in the barn. Get's lonely. Right now I have a barn buddy. And my bestie and her saddlebredX will be spending more time at the farm as it warms up. But I do A LOT of riding by myself  and it's really not as much fun as riding with a friend or a few other buddies.
  6. NO RIDING RING. BIGGEST CON EVER. If I boarded at a riding stable.... I'D HAVE A RIDING RING. I have a yard that's big enough for a 20x40 or a few jumps and some fields for cantering and galloping. But it has to be DRY. BONE DRY. So if it's a wet year, it really puts a damper on things.
  7. No time to be lazy. You own a farm there are always 15907656789 things to do. I am a person who really enjoys a good lazy day. But they are few and far between. Grass to mow, paddock to brush hog, fences to fix, troughs to fill etc etc etc. We have 7 acres and anywhere from 1-4 horses at a time and I'm always trying to keep up. To those people that manage 20 or 30 acres alone, I give you MANY KUDDOS. When you board, you don't have to do all the handy work.
  8. Always trying to find hay and keep hay and bedding stocked
  9. Not being able to share tack with people... I have neighbors. They all ride western...
  10. If all the racehorses are at the track then Twister is usually alone and this gives him mental breakdowns.

Did I miss anything? What are your favorite parts of having horses somewhere else or horses at home?

I would never ever ever change it in a million years. I love having my "kiddos" at home. It's my dream come true. But it's a lot of hard work to be able to have them at home. But in the end, totally 500% worth it.

Life is GOOD.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

First Show of the Year

This is a long post, FYI.

Yesterday I went to a schooling show near Lexington. As a reference for a rant later in this post let me put some strong emphasis on the word schooling. Anyways.... braided and packed trailer the night before and woke up at the ass-crack of dawn to get on the road and still managed to have issues. #1 being that Twister was having a hard time getting on the trailer.... completely out of the blue weirdness. My horse GETS on trailers! #2 being that as we stopped to fill up with diesel I noticed that we had a low tied but then had to find quarters in order to put air in it.... and then there was the pee break because we all drank too much coffee.....

Anywho. We got to the show and I was LATE. Jump out of the truck, unload the horses, register, tack up and warm up in mock speed late. Out of the truck to Entering at A in less than 20 minutes..... All things considered, he did pretty good. He was a little short and tense but we had some really good moments. There was minimal spooking. As a matter of fact, all the looking stopped once we started our test. He got down to business. Except for the moment where he screamed back at Buster who was screaming for Twister.....

stiff and short strided but trying his best

scored under 50, which I consider good for our
first time out in 20 months

he was round and i just need to "stick those titties out"
 We were in 3rd after the dressage for the Beginner combined test and then we had to warm up for our jumping round. So they are setting up the jumps and the course is tight. 2 sets of 2 strides. For beginners? And they were SHORT 2 strides (here comes the rant....). And the 2ft course I'd been practicing for was actually more like 2'3'' and higher. And I know why. The college that I will not name was hosting the show and they wanted to use it for practice and jump all the big things. However, there were a few of us who wanted to use it as practice but have never jumped freaking verticals of any height at a show so wanted to start slow and low. So another rider/mom and I revolted. They were very pissy about it but we were like ummmm you didn't exactly set the course up to be beginner friendly AT ALL. Some very difficult turns and the 2 striders and and the first jump was definitely set at 2'6''. And they were a bit rude until the riding mom laid down the law. This was a SCHOOLING show. A warm up for everyone for the start of the show season. We all wanted to have good experiences. We're not prepping for a Grand Prix. Holy SHIT. But we got our way. Basically, they were too lazy to stretch the course out for beginners and rearrange it for the upper level girls who 90% of them were on the college's riding team (and were also pretty rude, especially in warm up where they were running people down. Not everyone wants to gallop around hap-hazardly jumping everything even though it means you could run someone down....). Oh and have they ever heard of fillers?!

Rant over. So we warmed up nicely over the actual 2" verticals and the x-rails. I wanted to jump 2' at a show. But more than anything I needed to boost my confidence by having a great ride in a no-pressure environment. We got that and did great. No chips. No poles down. We rode the course perfectly and finished in 3rd for the CT.

badass show mom!

I only got off balance after a landing once. And what's with my chicken wing arms?? 


 My friend brought her giant gelding and attempted to do Intro Test A with him. He was crow hopping and being silly so she scratched. But at least they tried and can work on it for this fall!
S and Buster

 We signed up for an 18" jumper and 2' jumper and stood around waiting. Finally we got to go in for our 18" (x-rail) course and we cantered most of it. He was so awesome but I had to get after him a bit because he was getting worn out. It had been a long day.

After the jump off (our first jump off, our first timed class!) I bowed out gracefully and scratched the 2' course. I know Twister would do it if I asked, but I could tell he was tired and fading fast. So I ended on a great note. Oh and did I mention Twister got his first blue??? And my first blue for a jumping class ever in my life!

And then he wouldn't get in the trailer to go back home. (Backstory.... in Sept he rode a few miles down the road in a trailer that was a bit small. And I think it traumatized him. Though he rode to the clinic in a box stall trailer in Nov, I think being in a straight stall yesterday re-freaked him out.) It took an hour and I ended up having to beg some grain off the host barn. I have some work to do. I am going to give him a week off and then start riding again and start getting him comfy in a trailer again. I got worried about him. He shut down and froze every time we asked him to get in the trailer. I was so shocked. He's never not got on a trailer. Can't keep showing until this problem is resolved. Can't have my boy stressed out about trailering. But now he's home and happy and grazing. And there is plenty of mud outside should he want to roll and roll.