Thursday, October 26, 2017

Curtis Won't Kill Me

So my person is worried that even in March, after 18 months off, that Curtis still won't make it at the track. I keep saying HE'S MINE if he doesn't race. Even 2-3ft jumps are not as taxing as racing. And if nothing else, I get my dressage horse! He's better suited for it than Twister who only does dressage to make me happy and would rather just jump all the things.

My person says that there is no way me, the gutless wonder (he didn't say that, but it's what I can be on a horse sometimes) can ride Curtis. At the track he is a handful and then some. He bucks and rears and drags riders around. I keep telling my person he's always had a year to let down! If he can't race I spend a month slowly bringing him back into work as a riding horse, teaching him he has a new job. I really don't think he'll be a psycho.....

It's been a long time since I restarted an OTTB, but I'm pretty sure I can do it again. He wants to give him to the neighbor as a pasture pet if he doesn't make it! But we need 3 horses! So why not keep the 3 we have?! He's such a pony right now (pony as in the pony horse, not a -14.2 horse because actual ponies are evil...). I can turn him in and out while pushing the stroller. He doesn't ever spook at anything, like tarps and and scary rolls of wire. I can do anything to him. If it wasn't so mushy outside I'd start lunging him a few days a week because he looks like a broodmare hahaha.

I'm not the gutsiest person on the back of a horse. But I do prefer to ride horses I've known for a while. And I was the first person on his back after all!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

All the Riding

I'd hardly ridden in 2-3 weeks. I hate how that keeps happening. But with it getting dark earlier and earlier, I can't always make it out after SJ's bed time in enough time to ride. Mom is here now though. We've already been tack shopping. I got some things I totally don't need but wanted and Mom was treating. SJ's gotten a ton of stuff too, including some things for Rascal for Christmas. Also, my person and I are looking for a not totally fugly 8-10" western saddle with full quarter horse bars for her for Christmas. If you know of one for sale............ fqhb on a kids saddle is so effin hard to find!

Part of my inability to get a ride in at the moment, is because we haz a new family member..... His name is Teddy and if we're friends on Facebook or Instagram, this is old news. We adopted him almost 2 weeks ago now. He's about 14 weeks now. A chocolate little man. My old chocolate man hasn't been doing well the last couple of days. He needs to go to the vet next week and me being an anthropomorphic hypochondriac, am terrified.

But back to riding things. Twister is like FUCK YEA RIDING and has been awesome. Mostly. He is all in racehorse mode and wants to go fast ALL THE TIME. I get on him and ask him to walk off and he's like TROT?! No. Stop that. You can march a long without running around. Quite possible. You can do it when it's food time.

We've popped over some jumps. We've done the trot poles. We've figure-8-ed and circles and done transitions. And for as little riding as I've done, I'm very happy with how Twister has just picked it right back up, out of shape and fat as he is, like we've been riding a few times a week.... not a few times a month lol. I was going to walk to the back paddock and jump him over my little xc jump a few times while I had Mom standing by ready to dial 911.... jk. Partly. But I went to open the far left gate and got stung by a wasp in my hand. At that point I was just done. So maybe tomorrow.........

not an easy workout but the best one in forever!!!

super beast

I got 2 new pads and a helmet that doesn't require all my hair stuffed in it to fit. But I'm not sure about it. Maybe I should have just gotten boring black so I don't look 12 lol

i suck at this whole selfie thing

looks ever better outside in good light

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Twister has moods

If you follow me on Instagram you've seen these photos. Thanks to it no longer being 857895* during thr day, I can get some riding done in the evenings.

Twister broke my camera so my media is terrible and limited. Like a phone video screenshot lol. Last time it was little Ranger who broke it and it cost over $100 to fix.

The day Twister killed my camera I had a little jump set up which we trotted and cantered  to. He was great. Kept a level head. We got our distances and he didn't over jump. I was so happy.

The next day I had trot poles down and going left he could not calm down because that's how we came into the jump. He fought me in the corners and wanted to cut and rushed into the poles. It took most of our ride to get him to go through to the left without being a shit. Going right he glided.

Deciding to be naughty...
Last night I had the poles set up still and worked on them. He was tough last night but not a total shit. He gets almost push button or he's a green rushing speeding racehorse. Most days it's only those 2 when he isn't worked daily. Last night he was tough but the kind of tough where every little adjustment I'd make changed how he went big time. If I sat up and tucked my tailbone under me and thought hard about my hands and legs he'd stop rushing and start stretching. Yea, this is common sense. But doesn't always work every time to get him to chill out. Sometimes he just wakes up a 3 year old racehorse on his way to the TC. Seriously, when is my fat 13 year old QUARTER HORSE  going to act like one??? After mucho cantering and trying hard to get a quality canter, not a fast one, he trotted out all long and low and amazing.

So I've been trying to decide what to do today. My body is so exhausted from our workouts. I'm still struggling with some post partum issues, 15 months later..... But if I don't push I will never get out of this funk. Maybe tonight we can try cantering ground poles? Maybe another jump? Maybe put less of a bit in and do the trot poles and circles and cantering again. We've been going in  the  3 ring because he got so tough and I don't have the core or leg to handle more than 10 mins of him dragging my ass around. I hate to compensate for my weak body like that but it is what it is and it's not like I'm yanking on his mouth.

2 more weeks until mom is here! Then my person and I are going trail riding and I can get mom to take media for me when I ride  hahaha.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Too Damn Hot!

I ride for like 3 days in a row. Next thing I know someone moved me closer to the equator. 97* and 75% humidity? Shoot me. Last night it was warm but still nice enough to ride after 7. FINALLY. 10 days of killer heat and I was dying to ride again. I'm hoping that even if it rains tonight it doesn't storm really bad so I can at least ride in my synthetic saddle....

 From last week... 10 days ago, whenever. Before the heat wave. I don't think I am ever going to ride in tan breeches again. And never in a stretchy tank top. I look pregnant! AND I AM NOT!!!!!!! We had a really good ride this day. Notice if you will, the 3-ring, because when you only ride now and then your horse turns into a charging bull.....

From yesterday.... We look like crap. Yesterday was more of a blow out ride, let him burn some energy. After we rode I did his feet. I need to work on everything about everything. I wish I had someone to yell at me while I rode. "SIT UP!" "PUT YOUR HEAD OVER YOUR SHOULDERS!" "DON'T LOOK AT THE DAMN HORSE!" "STOP LETTING YOUR LEG SLIDE UP HIS SHOULDER!" "TUCK YOUR TAIL BONE UNDER YOU!"

It stinks. Because I want my riding to improve. I don't want to never work on anything for the next few years and feel like a beginner when I get back to work. But it's hard to work on things when I'm not on a horse enough. And before I know it, my extended daylight is going to end and that could mean riding even less. 

PS. I miss you all!!!! I may not comment hardly ever at all lately but I try to get on and see how ya'll are doing now and then! 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Boot Anger

Curtis has to go out in boots. Something to protect his tendon and ligaments from his large, over-reaching back feet, especially when he gets up from a roll. My barely used, practically new Woof boots had been sacrificed to the cause. But he killed them last night. So I tired Twister's sport boots on him. They are a little tall but should do in every other way. So now I have nothing to ride my pony in. And he's been such a nut job, freight train I hate to not ride him in anything and it's been a bit too wet for polos. Plus I'm lazy/have limited time that shouldn't be wasted with applying and rerolling. I wish Curtis had busted his boots 5 days ago when I ordered his flysheet and my nippers and rasp. Mothertrucker.

RIP Woofboots

sayonara, pretty purple Tough 1s.....

Friday, June 30, 2017

More Time Off

Somewhere before my last post, Curtis went to the track for the day to get his tendon checked. As of September, he had a 75% tear in the right front. This month has been 9 months  on stall rest and limited turn out and his tendon looks pretty awesome. But you never judge a book by its cover.

Curtis is going to need another 6 months. It's healing but the vet said after the ultrasound that he would not train him on that leg yet. And because 6 months means January, it will really be more like another 9 before we have him checked and hopefully back to work. 

I have a bestie who worked for a trainer in PA that said you don't want to start those horses back in a deep track. Pavement or hard ground. Jogging forever. So probably my person will have to ride while I pony them down the road. Because in March ground is mush. Unlike right now which would be perfect.......

My person isn't even sure he wants to keep waiting for him and said maybe he should just give him to our neighbor and ex partner in the horse as a lawn ornament. But he also said when SJ gets to riding solo he wants Twister back and I can go horse shopping. Well we have a perfect horse for me sitting in the stall! I want him even if he can never jump. Which probably after another year he could do low stuff which is all my chicken ads will do anyways. And I can always jump on Twister because really, how much does my person actually ride? 

I'd love to see Curtis make an epic come back. It was one year ago yesterday he won his 2nd at Indiana Grand. But I also want him as my new loyal steed.  And there is always a chance of losing him, if he was entered for a tag. 

How can such a big gorgeous boy look so awkward?
But whether or not I get him or he goes back to racing, it's still 9 more freaking months. Good things come to those who wait, right?

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

We Need Lessons

I've been making Twister work when I ride him. Making us both work. And dropping my irons once a ride for as long as I can, which isn't very long before I feel like I'm falling off and dying. He spends half the ride leaning on my leg, avoiding my hands, dragging me on the forehand very fast. I get some good movements. Moments where he's round and in front of my leg. But we are both out of shape so it takes a whole ride before we get anywhere.

I know I need to not be so hard on either of us. We've basically done nothing for nearly 2 years. I can't expect us to pull out 30 minutes of decent work. I need to just be thrilled with my moments and build on them. And get my damn legs back. And believe me, I'm working on it. I hate the damn floating legs. My left leg is really bad. It has been for a long time. I will think I have my legs solid on Twister's side and next thing I know my left leg will be up on his shoulder. My chiropractor said this has something to do in part with my back problems and extra weakness on that side. That's why that leg floats so bad.

I've been working on transitions. Walk to trot, trot to walk, in a circle. He just gets so hardheaded sometimes. Just whoa already! And cantering is basically just a way to let him blow off steam. He thinks he's a racehorse. How is it my 4 year old WTC with better transitions than my 13 year old who has been ridden 9345093809 times?! Twister and I need a lesson with Silke big time. It might kill us.... we're so out of shape! Next time mom comes to visit so someone can wrangler the child while I ride.

E and I went out Sunday morning with Rascal and a 3 year old pony. Rascal was super awesome. He stop drop and rolled on me because the flies were eating him up and he was a bit of a stubborn ass about going in the pond. But once he was in he was fine and we walked through the pond over and over. He went through the ditches and the creek. We even had a full grown deer jump up out of the grass and both horses jumped but by the time I realized what was happening Rascal was already over it.

I've literally been riding my ass off. I've lost 6 lbs in the last few weeks. I'm 4 lbs away from pre pregnancy weight. And my favorite green breeches fit! I never thought I'd wear them again!

LOVE these breeches!!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Do You Even Realize I'm Up Here???

Yesterday morning I rode Twister while SJ and my person rode Rascal. But last night I decided to ride Twister again. He was in total racehorse mode.

about the only nice moment we had

I forgot to put spurs on and he was leaning on my leg/completely ignoring my leg. I didn't have my dressage whip just a jump bat which I kept smacking him behind my leg with. That made him even more beastly. I don't even know if I can all it 'forward' because while he was speeding right along, he was anything but round for most of the time and dragging me around and forgetting he had any breaks whatsoever.

I kept trying to spiral him in each direction but he was completely oblivious. Usually that helps control his speed, get him in front of my leg and being round and stop dragging me off. But not this time. We popped over a x-rail twice and after he landed he'd canter and I couldn't bring him back to a trot. Just a total nutjob thinking he was a racehorse thanks to the cooler day and low humidity.

So today I put the bevel back on the Micklem. And if tonight, that doesn't help me out any I'll put the 3-ring on. I hate having to bit up. But sometimes my middle- aged horse needs a reminder of how to respect the rider on his back. And sometimes a ride or 2 in a stronger bit does just that.

E did his feet for me Monday night. And I'm so happy to say that the White Lightning Gel is really making a difference on his cracks and white line disease. Everything is growing out nicely. He's been back on his Essential K supplement for a month now. Yesterday I couldn't find my bottle of Farrier Barrier so I started using Karatex Hoof Hardener. I did find the Farrier Barrier this morning. But maybe it's time to use something else. I'll use it daily for a couple weeks then 2-3x a week after that and hope it toughens up his feet. Unfortunately summer grass has made both his feet and Rascal's usually tough feet pretty soft.

at least this saddle puts me in a good position to hang the frig on!

Cowboy Up and Ride

Being a stay at home mom can make me go a little crazy. I like working. I like having a job. And just like any human ever, I like having some time to myself. Saturday I had to turn down a chance to ride. But Sunday when I was invited again I was all over that. I needed some adult interactions and baby free time.

Twister's feet were a total mess. And I wanted to take Rascal off the farm.

Well I almost came off in the front yard. 4 horses joined Rascal and I at the farm. They splashed through the ditch. I was too relaxed on little baby horse and he spooked and I nearly came off. After I got him standing still, I got off shaking. I wanted to thrown the towel in right then and there. But it was ride Rascal or don't ride at all.

I dusted off my XC vest, put it on and got back on the horse. After that he was pretty good for a 4 year old that hasn't been off the farm since September 2015. We had one more big spook. And because I'm still lacking in leg strength, I got off at a couple of bigger ditches and one steep bank. And I'm glad I did. The bank he wasn't doo bad at. Took a few minutes for him to be led down it but he didn't leap. The one big bank he jumped like he was in a 4 star event. So the next time through I led him again but this time he slid down in and lept up it. Next time I'll ride through it. And with a little encouragement he walked through the creek too.

He's so good. He wants to please. But he does wear me out. He has to be ridden every step of the way. Not like Twister is nicely clears trees instead of rubbing so close to them that I could break my leg. Leg and 2 reins constantly all the time. After 2 hours I was exhausted. But so proud of how I, a known chicken shit, cowboyed up and rode the damn horse. And I can't wait for the next time we go out.

As much as I love riding Twister, I need to ride Rascal as much as possible when we go off the farm. SJ will be riding solo before I know it (2 years probably) so I want him unflappable.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I Ride When I Can

Basically a photo dump.

I've been riding as much as possible, which isn't saying a lot. Thanks to SJ's birthday and all the rain and my horse's crappy feet I haven't been on him in almost a week. I'm loving the new saddle and I think Twister does too. And I finally got some White Lightning as recommended by my farrier to help his feet. He said to soak it 3 or 4 times. BUT! The awesomeness is that it comes in gel form! So I cleaned out his feet really well and opened the cracks some and soaked cotton in the gel and put some up the cracks, packed with cotton and put his boots on him. Today after I ride I'll take the cotton back out, reclean and medicate again. Farrier is supposed to be here on Friday, so I really wanted to have made some headway. According to Amazon reviews, this crap works really fast.

Basically, when I'm riding I'm just moving forward, working on my legs and not leaning forward. We need to stretch and work on building muscle before we do too much.

I haven't been on Rascal since the saddle came. I probably should ride him now and then.

have since dropped my irons 2 holes...

Grammy got her a helmet for her bday!


Monday, May 1, 2017

Rascal and the HDR

This is a 2-parter all in one post. I should make two. But that could take another 2 weeks....

Last weekend we went to NY to visit my family. I rode Rascal before we left and a couple times this week. He's been so awesome. One day he started with a lot of head tossing so I took him out of the Micklem and put on his western bit and he still tossed but wasn't so bad. We've been WTC and working on lots of bending and turning. He takes so much umph. I don't always have umph.... He's fun to ride but I don't want him to be my regular kid. At least not until I'm a little stronger. Nothing fazes him though. I'd put greenhorns on him. I don't have very good media of riding him because I usually ride after SJ goes to bed and my person is at work. Maybe when Mom is here.

And then I wasn't supposed to get my new lovely love until Friday.... and today I get home and there is a big box sitting on the porch.... actually 3 boxes. One from Amazon containing SJ's bday gifts, my new TuffRider paddock books and one containing clothes from a college friend for SJ and one with my HDR!

The wind is terrible today. I though we were going to blow the fuck away. But even though I still haven't pulled his loose shoe (I CAN'T FIND MY NIPPERS TO YANK IT OFF WITH!) and and the wind was hurricane force, I had to try it. I could not wait.

he wouldn't stand still

My leg going all over is not a result of the saddle, it's super grippy plus I have full seats on. It's a result of my legs being weak ass. I'm still working on the getting my shit together thing. I've graduated PT apparently but need to keep up with stuff at home and be riding more. 

What do ya'll think?? I really love it already. I'm hoping it works on awkward fat pony long term.