Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Choosing Tests

I need to place my entry asap for the show on the 11th. I've been getting plenty of riding time and Curtis feels great. He's looking fantastic too. Actually, they all are. Especially Twister who no longer looks like a borderline rescue case. His age showed this winter and he will be getting senior feed all winter from now on.

I need to pick my 2 tests to ride. I think I can handle 2 tests plus hoof it for SJ's leadline. I should have some help and if not then I will scratch a class when I get there.

I desperately wanted to do Intro C or Training 1. But our canter transitions turn into a gallop at the track. He starts out calm for our first transition each way and when we go all the way around. But when I try to trot-canter-trot-canter-trot-walk-trot-canter-etc he gets hot on me. He jumps into the canter and I have a hard time keeping him on the 20m circle even for the half circle of canter required for Intro C. He gets beastly. I don't think I'm going to fix any of those problems in the next 10 days or so. I'd love to run over to T's and see how he behaves off the farm in a proper arena but rain is coming and I wouldn't have time before I needed to enter.

In all other things, Curtis has been great. Our walk-trot-walk transitions are beautiful (finally). And although he juts his nose out the moment he comes to a halt, the transition to halt is smooth and square. I'll figure out how to keep him on the aids while halted eventually.

Side note.... why am I just now getting into the sunshirt game???? I am super fair-skinned and even when I'm tan...ish and have sunscreen on I burn. I should have a huge ass collection of them by now but I'm just figure it out. I got a few SmartPak brand ones at the event previously known as Rolex and I have a Dublin brand one from RW coming in the mail. And I think Imma have to get more.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Scratched and No Regrets

It's so gross here. Not even 40. It snowed early this morning even. And it hasn't stopped raining. I emailed the show secretary yesterday and said if we scratched could SJ's entry just be moved to the show 3 weeks from now. They were amazing about it and said to check early next week as they would add her to the entries for the 11th! I'll have to reenter Curtis which is fine because in 3 weeks I might have decided to up my ride a test game.

why do bay horses take 1000 years
to shed out????
Curtis  and I have been working very hard to keep our upward and downward transitions round. And the last few rides they have been amazing as well as semi-round and completely square halts. I was really looking forward to today because I thought we would ride a pretty great Intro A test if he could keep his racehorse brain under control.

In addition to doing some hill work to build his muscle back up, I've been asking him to be on the aids and collect his canter for a few strides at a time. I get half a circle or one pass down the long side and let him go then ask again. He's getting better but taking a lot of effort. The moment I sit deep, half halt and as him to come back to me he wants to break gait and I have to really push him to keep up with the canter. Probably I should have a lesson. I almost want to try Training Level 1 in 3 weeks, but we shall see. Might do Intro B and C.


SJ is really bummed. I told her we couldn't go to the show because it rained too much and they closed it. But then was like HERE! COLOR EASTER EGGS! and she's been successfully distracted. I promised her after her birthday we would take her pony to a horse show.


And Rolex is next week already! We are planning on going to XC day! And the week after that is SJ's 3rd birthday and Derby day. So 3 weeks is going to fly by!!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Pre Show Stuff - edited

A show that gives ride times several days in advance? Awesome. It being gorgeous all week just to have it be cold and rainy on show day? Not awesome. The fact that my scrawny thoroughbred has put on some weight and top line? Also awesome.

Not the best angle but he is
starting to get his summer bod💪

Honestly I would scratch if it was just my test we'd be missing because in my old age I've become a fair weather show-er. SJ is so freaking excited to take her "beautiful pony" to a show that I guess we'll just tough it out. Can't be raising no sissy 😂

I know this is a tiny schooling show. Very low-key. But I always get major pre-show jitters. Buy having to get SJ ready and worry about her and ironically kept me calm. It's so weird.

And now I'm like 99.9% sure we're scratching because I don't want SJ's 1st show and her tender little age to be a freezing, raining mess.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

I hate saddles

Ended up at the tack shop today. Just for fun I sat in my saddle but a half size smaller. And I'm pretty sure I need a smaller seat size. The smaller saddle felt amazing. More secure. Not that my saddle isn't comfortable but I've had a lot of problems for almost a year now that I've blamed on leg and core weakness. I've spent all winter trying to stay semi fit and have done a better job of it this year than most. But maybe at least half of it is that I'm swimming in a saddle that is too big. So after this little show I'm going to see about trading my 18" for a 17.5". I'll call around to some of the consignment tack shops in Lexington before I try to deal with Facebook nonsense.

I also need a smaller gullet plate for mister lost all his muscle tone this winter...

Wednesday, April 3, 2019


We had so much time off over the winter. Even if Curtis didn't impale himself we would have had so much time off. I can't keep doing this every winter and ever progress.

 He remembers things but loses all his muscle to be able to do things consistently. I do have a trailer now and could go to T's a a couple times a week to ride. I just have to make myself do it or we will never progress through the levels.

What I am struggling with (again) is my hands. Keeping them quiet. I feel like I am but when I watch playback they are all over. I've had all kinds of advice and watched all sorts of YouTube videos and read books. Part of it is my seat. Which had improved as of November but with several months off, went to shit again. No amount of off horse core work can make I'm up for actual saddle time.

(Breaking in tall boots....still. Why are they still so stiff? 😩)

If you read this, tear me apart and give me your advice. I need to schedule a lesson but I'm not sure if I'll have time before our ride a test in 2 weeks. It's only $26 for it and I mainly want to use it as a please don't be stupid experience. The biggest goal in 2 weeks is to get SJ out on leadline with her "pony". She's so excited.

Cutest salute ever