Monday, July 24, 2017

Too Damn Hot!

I ride for like 3 days in a row. Next thing I know someone moved me closer to the equator. 97* and 75% humidity? Shoot me. Last night it was warm but still nice enough to ride after 7. FINALLY. 10 days of killer heat and I was dying to ride again. I'm hoping that even if it rains tonight it doesn't storm really bad so I can at least ride in my synthetic saddle....

 From last week... 10 days ago, whenever. Before the heat wave. I don't think I am ever going to ride in tan breeches again. And never in a stretchy tank top. I look pregnant! AND I AM NOT!!!!!!! We had a really good ride this day. Notice if you will, the 3-ring, because when you only ride now and then your horse turns into a charging bull.....

From yesterday.... We look like crap. Yesterday was more of a blow out ride, let him burn some energy. After we rode I did his feet. I need to work on everything about everything. I wish I had someone to yell at me while I rode. "SIT UP!" "PUT YOUR HEAD OVER YOUR SHOULDERS!" "DON'T LOOK AT THE DAMN HORSE!" "STOP LETTING YOUR LEG SLIDE UP HIS SHOULDER!" "TUCK YOUR TAIL BONE UNDER YOU!"

It stinks. Because I want my riding to improve. I don't want to never work on anything for the next few years and feel like a beginner when I get back to work. But it's hard to work on things when I'm not on a horse enough. And before I know it, my extended daylight is going to end and that could mean riding even less. 

PS. I miss you all!!!! I may not comment hardly ever at all lately but I try to get on and see how ya'll are doing now and then! 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Boot Anger

Curtis has to go out in boots. Something to protect his tendon and ligaments from his large, over-reaching back feet, especially when he gets up from a roll. My barely used, practically new Woof boots had been sacrificed to the cause. But he killed them last night. So I tired Twister's sport boots on him. They are a little tall but should do in every other way. So now I have nothing to ride my pony in. And he's been such a nut job, freight train I hate to not ride him in anything and it's been a bit too wet for polos. Plus I'm lazy/have limited time that shouldn't be wasted with applying and rerolling. I wish Curtis had busted his boots 5 days ago when I ordered his flysheet and my nippers and rasp. Mothertrucker.

RIP Woofboots

sayonara, pretty purple Tough 1s.....