Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I Ride When I Can

Basically a photo dump.

I've been riding as much as possible, which isn't saying a lot. Thanks to SJ's birthday and all the rain and my horse's crappy feet I haven't been on him in almost a week. I'm loving the new saddle and I think Twister does too. And I finally got some White Lightning as recommended by my farrier to help his feet. He said to soak it 3 or 4 times. BUT! The awesomeness is that it comes in gel form! So I cleaned out his feet really well and opened the cracks some and soaked cotton in the gel and put some up the cracks, packed with cotton and put his boots on him. Today after I ride I'll take the cotton back out, reclean and medicate again. Farrier is supposed to be here on Friday, so I really wanted to have made some headway. According to Amazon reviews, this crap works really fast.

Basically, when I'm riding I'm just moving forward, working on my legs and not leaning forward. We need to stretch and work on building muscle before we do too much.

I haven't been on Rascal since the saddle came. I probably should ride him now and then.

have since dropped my irons 2 holes...

Grammy got her a helmet for her bday!


Monday, May 1, 2017

Rascal and the HDR

This is a 2-parter all in one post. I should make two. But that could take another 2 weeks....

Last weekend we went to NY to visit my family. I rode Rascal before we left and a couple times this week. He's been so awesome. One day he started with a lot of head tossing so I took him out of the Micklem and put on his western bit and he still tossed but wasn't so bad. We've been WTC and working on lots of bending and turning. He takes so much umph. I don't always have umph.... He's fun to ride but I don't want him to be my regular kid. At least not until I'm a little stronger. Nothing fazes him though. I'd put greenhorns on him. I don't have very good media of riding him because I usually ride after SJ goes to bed and my person is at work. Maybe when Mom is here.

And then I wasn't supposed to get my new lovely love until Friday.... and today I get home and there is a big box sitting on the porch.... actually 3 boxes. One from Amazon containing SJ's bday gifts, my new TuffRider paddock books and one containing clothes from a college friend for SJ and one with my HDR!

The wind is terrible today. I though we were going to blow the fuck away. But even though I still haven't pulled his loose shoe (I CAN'T FIND MY NIPPERS TO YANK IT OFF WITH!) and and the wind was hurricane force, I had to try it. I could not wait.

he wouldn't stand still

My leg going all over is not a result of the saddle, it's super grippy plus I have full seats on. It's a result of my legs being weak ass. I'm still working on the getting my shit together thing. I've graduated PT apparently but need to keep up with stuff at home and be riding more. 

What do ya'll think?? I really love it already. I'm hoping it works on awkward fat pony long term.