Thursday, August 29, 2019

Shenanigans free "show"

So this week has not gone to plan. It rained like crazy Monday and Tuesday so in preparation for going to the ride a test I had to ride Curtis at T's and leave him there over night. Then I bring him home for 1 night and my daughter's nasty shitty appy beat him up. Luckily pretty superficial but Rascal is no long allowed in the same paddock at Curtis.

Fucking rascal
Curtis has handled the complete lack of routine well. Trailered well to Lexington. Stood well at the trailer like a big boy. Then I gave him a syringe of Syncalm, which btw works amazing without have a dead head horse. I'm going to buy a shit ton more for trail rides and someday hunter paces and actual real shows.

So I got right on warmed up for 5 seconds then asked to go in because I didnt want the other 2 horses warming up to go and leave and him lose his shit. He was a little looky and my hands where nervous and all over and definatelh pissed him off. The judge (a grand prix rider named Judy) said at the end it was good buy she'd like to see more energy and QUIET hands. My hands. The bane of my dressage existence. But Curtis did so well compared to past being judged experiences that I decided to ride a 2nd test.

I kind of forgot intro a. I went over it super quick right before I went in and almosy did a free walk where I was supposed to change rein. But quickly remembered and picked that trot back up. Our 2nd time around was fantastic. For us. I'm basing my adjectives against our first outing in May. We have a LONG way to go but the judge said she can see that Curtis has a lot more potential that he showed last night. And no lunging and jumping through the test which is a total 1st.

Sorry it's sideways...

I am really super thrilled. Maybe it was the fact that there were only 2 other horses there and it was super quiet compared to a normal show or maybe it was the calming stuff he got 30 minutes before we rode or maybe he's just growing up? I don't care. It's taking us forever but we are at least getting somewhere.

We are supposed to go to Carrie's Sunday and I'm kind of getting burnt out and after this week I'm not sure I have the energy. We'll see though.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Back at it

SJ and I are finally healthy and I've started Curtis back into work. He's so happy. He really isn't a horse that likes to do nothing day after day. I do think some time off did him good because he put some weight on and has a new burst of energy. Which is great until I take him somewhere....

Yesterday we went to T's and he was strong and playful but making sure everyone knew how fancy he is. We had a couple of spooks just because stupidass and repeatedly kept looking at the standards T was trying to put away. But he felt fantastic.

Also I have a new saddle. It's shorter in his back which I think should make him happier but mainly it's a saddle that fits me better. And I'm probably preaching to the choir but having a saddle that fits you so that you're not fighting your body to stay upright or keep your legs back or keep your pelvic where it belongs is incredibly helpful. No it's not magic and I will always have a ton of work to do on my eq. But I feel more secure and I'm not fighting the saddle. It's another wintec, this time an Isabel. And I need a smaller gullet for Curtis but really it fits him pretty well because he's beefed up so much this summer.

There is a mini show every Wednesday at Masterson and I am planning on riding Intro B on the 28th. And then a lesson with Carrie soon after. And I'd love to ride another test in the fall but the shows are either too big or too far. So we may be out of shows  for the year...

Napping at T's after our ride
My wintec pro 18" is for sale if anyone is looking. $400 shipped.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Never flying again

After the show I gave Curtis 2 weeks off while I went to Buffalo to visit family. He had been working hard so 10-14 days off would do him good. We got home and I lunged him for 20 mins one day and he just galloped around me both ways like a beast. The next day I rode him and he was strong but behaved.

And now SJ and I have some nasty virus we must have picked up in the airport or airplane and I've barely left my couch in 3 days. It's making my asthma horrible and I haven't even made sure he gets his magnesium.

I'm never flying again 😩