Saturday, February 16, 2019

Back to work!

Curtis is back to work! We've gotten in 2 rides in a row and he's been amazing. He doesn't even act like he just had 6 weeks off though he certainly looks like it...he has no topline and is all hay belly. I want him to take it easy but he wants to do the fancy thing. And he does it so well.

Today after I rode him I put SJ's little saddle on him and lead her around. He was perfect. They're going to make a cute leadline pair one day (probably not until 2020).

It's supposed to rain all week so who knows when I'll get to ride again. On the bright side my trailer is fixed and coming home this week so maybe we can start working on our outings.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

4 weeks since the incident

It's been 4 weeks now since Curtis impaled himself. I took the stitches out at 2 weeks and he's been out with his buddies. He has all the stretchies and looks fantastic (well the wound does anyways) and if it would just fucking stop raining and dry out I'd start him back into work.

giant bald spot, using lots of BlueStuff

carrot stretches

I was going to work with Rascal while Curits was out of commission but it's been raining for months and I need a boat to get to the barn (only being slightly dramatic).

And because he's done jack in 5 weeks, Curtis looks so ugly. He lost all his neck muscle and all his topline and his butt is hollow again. I can't wait until it dries out. I'm going crazy.

Feb conformation shot