Thursday, January 17, 2019


Several of you will have seen this on Fb or Instagram. Curtis implaed himself on a fence bolt Tuesday afternoon. I was setting out hay and they were being rowdy and my low man on the pecking order was being chased and he ran, slid in the mud and right into the fence. Amazingly he hit nothing vital and will be fine in a couple months. I had a local vet come out first thing yesterday. He did a very good job stitching him up. 2 layers of sutures but the bottom left open for drainage. Lots of antibiotics and bute. Hand walking for at least 2 weeks then limited turnout. He sais I could start light work with him in 6 weeks which I feel like that's super fast but I'll play it by ear. Thoroughbreds 😒

Ps... I've had a few people say I told you so about our fencing but honestly if they want to get hurt they're going to ger hurt. This kid torw his hock up at 2 on 2" woven wire fence. 💁

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

January conformation shot

It's been unseasonably warm in Kentucky this winter but perfectly normally wet. This week we've had some gorgeous, sunny, warm days interspersed with rain. So I've been trying to at least walk Curtis up and down hills. If only they'd get my trailer done so I could school somewhere dry...

Not looking as terrible as a horse with basically 2 months off should look...