Saturday, February 24, 2018

Oh for the love of God, QUIT RAINING!!!!

It has rained on and off for weeks. More rainy days than dry. And nothing has dried out and we have yet to be able to move because we can't finish all our work on the property because it's so freaking wet. Like a damn swamp.

It's too wet for horses at either place. So we're at the old place where luckily I still have a eurosizer. They might be practically swimming in it, but at least it's not sticky mud that will suck shoes off and they're not ruining their grass.

My poor horses have only been turned out 1 day in 14. Legit. And the weather is so back and forth. The kind of weather we all call "colic weather". I've made sure to stay on top of their walking and diet to minimize the risk of it. 2 hours a day in the eurosizer. In the morning and before bed. Hay 3 or 4 times a day and less grain than they would get if they were getting turn out. They're extremely freaking bored, and Rascal is getting a bit rank but it is what it is.

My person has started building stalls in the new barn today. So maybe soon we'll be keeping them stall bound there instead of here which of course means handwalking or building a roundpen for limited, one at a time turn out. We were going to build run in sheds and leave them out but the paddocks are so wet there will be no driving anything with supplies across them.

My horses have shoes finally and are all sound (Curtis and Rascal blew abscesses and Twister was his typical tenderfooted self) but I can't even ride. Rain is one thing. 2 or 3 weeks of it is redic.

How is every one else dealing with this very wet February??

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Farm, Sweet Farm

It's been official since 2 days before Thanksgiving but not social media official. But it is now! We bought a new farm! We are moving closer to my person's business because this driving back and forth a million times a week is just not working anymore. It's 1 more acre than we are currently on and has a little pond (can't wait to swim with ponies in it!!!!) barn and house (not connected! whatever will I do!?). We had to completely put up fences and the barn is still a work in progress. It needs a new roof (doing that now) and we're adding a run in on to it.  Hopefully only another week or 2 and we will be able to move over there permanently.... that is if our gates come in....kinda need gates.... We can't sleep there until the horses can come too.

The tiny paddock around the barn will be perfect for all the
riding and schooling

future tree house tree?

basically fenced right up to the back door lol

and up to the front door....less mowing!

Any my daughter will be able to see horsies outside her bedroom window. How freaking awesome is that???!!!

We used guardrail fencing because all of our horses are assholes. Curtis is a damn beaver. Twister will crib boards right off the posts even with a cribbing collar on. Rascal is learning beaverism from Curtis....... Plus we will now be on a busy road so no one will be driving through these fences and no horses will be getting loose. Plus they look pretty cool. I can't wait to get the horses out there!