Wednesday, November 25, 2015

2 year Barefootaversery

Today Twister has been shoe-less for 2 years. A year ago today I was bragging about his awesome feet. Today I'm less than thrilled with his feet and it's partly my fault. I've been too tired and worn out from growing a tiny human to keep up with his feet. Also, the lack of exercise hasn't helped. Lack of exercise means lack of blood flow. And I don't think I'll ever beat the freaking white line. It was getting better and now it's back full force. I think I might just bleach it. I'm not riding so his hoof would have time to heal. I'd need to do it after getting his feet done.

accidental confo shot. fat pony. awesome topline long gone

I'm changing jobs. And due to the gap of time between one job and the next, finances have been rough. That and all the pets needing the vet lately sucking me dry.... otherwise I would have had the pro out to do his feet for me. Maybe in a month. In the mean time I'll keep his feet touched up as best as I can. Mona has to get spayed before I do anything else. She's nearly a year old and still hasn't come into heat but could do so any day now. Hopefully her being so sick for a month will have set her cycle back. I'd really like to wait until after the holidays to spay her but I might need to do it in the next week or two. Too many intact males in my neighborhood to risk her going into heat....

random one of rascal being a fancypants

But back to the feet...... I've been mostly riding in the Gloves even down the road. And we only go riding once every week or two. I'd like to put him through his dressage paces just to see what he's retained in the last 3 months but the ground has been a bit soggy. And the poor kid is mad at me. When I go out to fill the water trough or something he just follows me around.

17 weeks (I'm nearly 19 weeks now)
twister doesn't mind carry my fat ass around lol
I'm not even going to share pics of his feet. They are so ugly right now.........

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

No No-Stirrup November for me!

Looks like FraidyCatEveting and I are out of No-Stirrup November! I haven't been riding enough to go balls out. I rode yesterday and I am sore. Not really saddle sore. But my round ligaments and the muscles around my growing belly ache. Going balls out without stirrups at this point would not be safe for baby. And because my legs are back to jello status, like at the beginning of each spring, I would probably fall off. Which would also not be safe.

can you see the bump?? it's getting quite large
random one of dogs snuggling. just for the record Roader
has never liked to snuggle with other dogs.
cutest giant qh ever
I did spend some quality time with my boy yesterday. I knocked 12 inches of mud off him so he now looks sorrel again instead of grey. I combed him mane, which probably won't get pulled again until spring because what the hell. And I conditioned and braided his tail for winter. Then we rode for over an hour. It was awesome. He really appreciated the attention and the ride. He was a bit of a snot at first but leveled out and we had a nice ride.

doesn't look quite so fat tacked up... but he is so fat
long and wild mane..... owell
Mona got to do in the woods with us!!