Tuesday, November 3, 2015

No No-Stirrup November for me!

Looks like FraidyCatEveting and I are out of No-Stirrup November! I haven't been riding enough to go balls out. I rode yesterday and I am sore. Not really saddle sore. But my round ligaments and the muscles around my growing belly ache. Going balls out without stirrups at this point would not be safe for baby. And because my legs are back to jello status, like at the beginning of each spring, I would probably fall off. Which would also not be safe.

can you see the bump?? it's getting quite large
random one of dogs snuggling. just for the record Roader
has never liked to snuggle with other dogs.
cutest giant qh ever
I did spend some quality time with my boy yesterday. I knocked 12 inches of mud off him so he now looks sorrel again instead of grey. I combed him mane, which probably won't get pulled again until spring because what the hell. And I conditioned and braided his tail for winter. Then we rode for over an hour. It was awesome. He really appreciated the attention and the ride. He was a bit of a snot at first but leveled out and we had a nice ride.

doesn't look quite so fat tacked up... but he is so fat
long and wild mane..... owell
Mona got to do in the woods with us!! 


  1. I'm not participating in no-stirrup November either! Mystic is green as grass and Apollo has been very spicy lately....not the best time for me. Lovely fall pics! :)

  2. yep, no balls out riding this month haha. oh well. Twister looks like he's enjoying the attention all the same, and i love your new banner pic!