Wednesday, March 30, 2016

WW: Eastery animals and Maternity photos

Happy Belated Easter, all!

cadberry bunny-dogs

seriously, best cat ever

she's not sure why she keeps getting dressed up for things

screw you and your bunny ears, mom


not impressed

"twister, why does she keep dressing us up to be rediculous?"
"because she loves us and is easily amused"

easter 2016, 36 weeks preggo

E did my maternity photos for me. She did an awesome job!!! Here are my favs.....

Mona Lu is going to be a good big sis

people keep asking if we will be buying baby girl a pony...
um no. not when i have a gentle giant i trust 100%
ponies are spawn of satan.

giraffe-horse and crocodile-dog

before he got ugly.... now he is blowing his winter coat so
fast he has bald spots. uglyyyy. good thing i'm not showing
this spring!!! :P