Sunday, March 19, 2017

Meeting AP

One of my friends, a fellow Coby grad who also lives in KY now after realizing how much better it is here than in NY where everything sucks and you have to stand on the corner by Stewart's to afford just about anything, won tickets to Ashford. So I loaded up the baby and we went to meet American Pharoah. 

It's a gorgeous farm. And I loved, as always, see all the big time studs. Giant's Causeway who is like 25 now. And FuPeg who is 100. Okay, well not really. Lookin At Lucky is there and Uncle Mo

"dog!" she says. everything is a dog.

They said he's 16.2 but doesn't he look smaller than Twister who is also 16.2?

And even though I was told I'd get a real, baby-free ride today, it didn't happen. I got a baby free ride, but only 10 minutes puttering around bareback on a super lazy horse who has NO topline anymore and his bony spine hurt!!

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  1. man that is one handsome horse! sounds like a great visit!