Friday, July 7, 2017

Boot Anger

Curtis has to go out in boots. Something to protect his tendon and ligaments from his large, over-reaching back feet, especially when he gets up from a roll. My barely used, practically new Woof boots had been sacrificed to the cause. But he killed them last night. So I tired Twister's sport boots on him. They are a little tall but should do in every other way. So now I have nothing to ride my pony in. And he's been such a nut job, freight train I hate to not ride him in anything and it's been a bit too wet for polos. Plus I'm lazy/have limited time that shouldn't be wasted with applying and rerolling. I wish Curtis had busted his boots 5 days ago when I ordered his flysheet and my nippers and rasp. Mothertrucker.

RIP Woofboots

sayonara, pretty purple Tough 1s.....

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