Thursday, February 1, 2018

Farm, Sweet Farm

It's been official since 2 days before Thanksgiving but not social media official. But it is now! We bought a new farm! We are moving closer to my person's business because this driving back and forth a million times a week is just not working anymore. It's 1 more acre than we are currently on and has a little pond (can't wait to swim with ponies in it!!!!) barn and house (not connected! whatever will I do!?). We had to completely put up fences and the barn is still a work in progress. It needs a new roof (doing that now) and we're adding a run in on to it.  Hopefully only another week or 2 and we will be able to move over there permanently.... that is if our gates come in....kinda need gates.... We can't sleep there until the horses can come too.

The tiny paddock around the barn will be perfect for all the
riding and schooling

future tree house tree?

basically fenced right up to the back door lol

and up to the front door....less mowing!

Any my daughter will be able to see horsies outside her bedroom window. How freaking awesome is that???!!!

We used guardrail fencing because all of our horses are assholes. Curtis is a damn beaver. Twister will crib boards right off the posts even with a cribbing collar on. Rascal is learning beaverism from Curtis....... Plus we will now be on a busy road so no one will be driving through these fences and no horses will be getting loose. Plus they look pretty cool. I can't wait to get the horses out there!