Tuesday, June 3, 2014

3 Hour Tour

On Sunday two of my besties/riding buddies and I planned to go on a little trail ride for one of the friend's birthday. We said we'd start early and we'd only ride 2 or 3 hours. Well, we started early but somehow we ended up riding for 6 hours! I'm sure we went 14 miles AT LEAST. It was pretty awesome, even after the heat started to make me sick. It was quite the adventure. We started by riding up the old dump. It was Twister's first ride in weeks, since before he got hurt. He was great, if not a little out of shape. The view was amazing.

Then we went through the woods and ended up almost in town. So why not just keep going to town? We rode through town and went though the Mc Donald's drive through...... on our horses. That made us quite popular. 

It was pretty much the best 6 hour trail ride I've ever been on. My horse was awesome and what's better than hanging out with your besties while drinking frappes that you ordered from the back of your horse?! I love that I live in such a small town that riding your horse through the middle of it is no big deal. It's the kind of thing I've always wanted to do as a kid. Now I'm all grown up and I finally get to do these things. It's so awesome :)

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