Wednesday, September 17, 2014

You Probably Shouldn't Own Horses If....

.... you can't afford to feed them.
.... if your only source of professional advice and diagnoses is Facebook groups.
.... if your horse has lameness/illness/health issues and you keep saying "I know but I can't afford...."
.... if you don't know the meaning of "mare" and "stallion" I have seen these switched on many occasions.....
.... if you have ever referred to your mare as a "virgin". She is a MAIDEN. Yikes.
.... if you think getting on and bucking out a baby is an acceptable means of breaking a horse
.... if you have to ask if the morons on Facebook think your horse is too skinny. If you have to ask, the answer is yes. FEED IT.
.... if you wonder why your horse won't gain weight yet you feed it crap or not nearly enough
.... you are searching for a horse to buy and want something dead broke, child and husband safe, sound, able to jump 3ft or cut cattle, without losing it's mind, while staying sound for $200 bucks. Go buy Border Collie and train it to heard and do agility. I think that's more up your alley....
.... you want to switch disciplines then want all your new tack, that actually fits your horse, for $200. Get a life.
.... If you think the only way to care for feet is to keep them shod
.... if you think the only way to care for feet is for them to be barefoot
(let me explain.... it comes down to the idiviual horse. Some are better off one way, some are better the other and I have seen barns, including my own, that do barefoot trimming and shoeing as well)
.... if you want an OTTB or have one already yet know NOTHING about Thoroughbreds and have all these ignorant, stereotypical prejudices about how racehorses are trained and handled. JUST DON'T. Go talk to trainer, to the people that start them under saddle, to their exercise riders, to their owners, to anyone, and get to know how they are ACTUALLY trained and handled. 
.... if you horses are too skinny or too fat or have half their winter coat in July and you say you can't afford wormer. Seriously? It's $3 for the cheap stuff, $10 for the good stuff. $10 means you don't eat at McDonalds for lunch this week. Seriously!
.... If when you ask people on Facebook for advice because you refuse to call the vet or a professional who might actually know what needs to be done or is wrong and every piece of advice you are offered or idea that is come up with you shoot down. If you can't be open minded, don't ask for help. You apparently know everything.
.... if you think you know it all and don't need help. Think again.


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