Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dark Days of Winter

I might as well live in Alaska where it's dark all the time at the rate I'm going. Dark at 5:30pm? Not acceptable. I don't leave work until 5 or 6! I only have a field to ride in..... I can't just ride on weekends! That is also unacceptable! Maybe I can hook a head lamp to Twister's brow band?? Maybe I can talk my fiancé into rigging up some sort of light off the side of the barn by where I ride so I can at least work on flat work and our ground work and things like that. I didn't get one show in this year. And if I can't ride all winter because it's always friggen dark when I'm home, it'll be July before I get to one!

In about 2 months or so I'll be able to make my own hours a little bit. So if I want to come in late and leave late (so I can ride first thing in the am after the sun comes up) I can, even if only a couple days a week. And vise versa, if I want to come in at 7 and leave really early I can do that too. My pony misses me! Though he should be lucky his mommy finally got a real job and can afford his special hoof gunk and expensive grain! :P

I'm going through riding withdrawal and the only cure is to ride!

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