Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Twister's One Year Barefoot-aversery

One year ago today we pulled Twister's shoes and started the barefoot journey. It has not been easy. Actually, his feet looked better at 5 months than they do now. His feet have not handled the ground changes well this summer and fall and I've dealt with thrush and bruised feet, tender feet and he even popped a little abscess, though I didn't even know he was abscessing until I saw the hole. He got trimmed today and while I was told his feet are better than a year ago, they aren't where a horse's feet should be after a year. Part of this is my fault. We don't ride enough anymore. I used to ride up and down the road but when you are only home when it's dark out, you can't ride the road. The plan is to at least make him jog in the machine 30 minutes a day, 3 or 4 times a week and get in at least one good ride under saddle, down the road or otherwise. The machine has lime dust in it which is really gritty and should be good for his tooties. I still use Farrier Barrier occasionally, but after reading a friend's blog, I am also giving Hoof Heal a try. I need to start spraying his frog with Listerine or Iodine again because he is getting a little thrushy....again. I finally found boots that fit him, and that will help with rides off the road, all over timbucktoo when we have time for those.

Let's take a look back:

The day his shoes were pulled, Nov 25th 2013

Right before his first trim. Around Christmas-time

Right before his first trim. Around Christmas-time
April/May-ish 2014. Best his feet have looked. He was
very sound on them too, riding all over and
jumping over 2ft without a single bad step....
this is before the first bout of thrust

Today, Nov 25th 2014

Some good and some bad.... needs more work....

Not giving up!!! I have until May (first show) to help make
his feet amazing!!!


  1. nice work - hopefully his feet continue to improve!!

    1. Thanks! They aren't where I'd like them to be. But we are getting there. I'm not giving up and slapping shoes on that's for sure!!

  2. Really the best thing for them is going to be more riding like you said. You're almost in a worse spot than I am by having nicer footing (Bobby lives on shale) where his feet aren't being forced to adapt every day just by being turned out. I'd say ditch the boots as much as you can. If he gets sore, Bute him. He won't toughen up if you keep protecting him!

    1. I agree. I only use the boots on really bad footing. Or if I go for a marathon ride because I don't wanna be the girl that calls 10 miles from home and says I need a trailer because I can't get back because my horse is too lame :P

      I DO need to ride more. Or put him in the eurosizer. We have this gritty lime gravel or something rather in there that is like concrete when it dries out or freezes but when it's wet it's like getting a pedi. All clay here sucks for toughening up feet. I'd ride everyday if I could. Road riding helped him so much last year but the only time I'm home, it's dark out. So not safe. I'm working on talking Sergio into putting a light on the "arena" side of the barn so I can ride outside in the early morning or after work this winter. If nothing else I'll just jog him forever in the eurosizer.