Monday, October 10, 2016

Hoof Transplant, Anyone??

Don't you wish that was a real thing? I guess I shouldn't complain. Carly's got it worse with Bobby's stupid feet. But seriously. I hate Twister's stupid feet. And I will bitch and complain to my heart's content.

This morning the baby took an early nap and I flew out to the barn to bring Twister and Rascal in and trim Twister's feet. They are a hot freakin mess. I want to cut them off and put new hooves on the end of his beefy legs.

left front, the bane of my existence 
He was pretty good about being trimmed before breakfast (which he never actually got because he is SO fat), I did the best I could in the time I had considering the condition of his feet. I stuffed the cracks with cotton soaked in Thrust Buster for the white line and then painted  them with Farrier Barrier (and spilled most of it all over the fucking shed row, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr) which I need to start doing on the daily.

left front, after..... oyvey
Here is a photo of my very fat, topline-less, shark-finned boy who is unimpressed by my lack of mints........

Then after I got him all done I hopped on bareback and walked him a few rounds in the shedrow. Which totally made my day. How can it feel amazing just to basically SIT on your horse? It just does!

will have to do this more often!!!
Now that his feet are done and will fit in his boots I can actually get in some real rides this week!!! YAY!

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  1. ugh hoof problems are the worst - hopefully they will get reined in easily and quickly! yay for being able to hop on for a quick ride tho :D