Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Do You Even Realize I'm Up Here???

Yesterday morning I rode Twister while SJ and my person rode Rascal. But last night I decided to ride Twister again. He was in total racehorse mode.

about the only nice moment we had

I forgot to put spurs on and he was leaning on my leg/completely ignoring my leg. I didn't have my dressage whip just a jump bat which I kept smacking him behind my leg with. That made him even more beastly. I don't even know if I can all it 'forward' because while he was speeding right along, he was anything but round for most of the time and dragging me around and forgetting he had any breaks whatsoever.

I kept trying to spiral him in each direction but he was completely oblivious. Usually that helps control his speed, get him in front of my leg and being round and stop dragging me off. But not this time. We popped over a x-rail twice and after he landed he'd canter and I couldn't bring him back to a trot. Just a total nutjob thinking he was a racehorse thanks to the cooler day and low humidity.

So today I put the bevel back on the Micklem. And if tonight, that doesn't help me out any I'll put the 3-ring on. I hate having to bit up. But sometimes my middle- aged horse needs a reminder of how to respect the rider on his back. And sometimes a ride or 2 in a stronger bit does just that.

E did his feet for me Monday night. And I'm so happy to say that the White Lightning Gel is really making a difference on his cracks and white line disease. Everything is growing out nicely. He's been back on his Essential K supplement for a month now. Yesterday I couldn't find my bottle of Farrier Barrier so I started using Karatex Hoof Hardener. I did find the Farrier Barrier this morning. But maybe it's time to use something else. I'll use it daily for a couple weeks then 2-3x a week after that and hope it toughens up his feet. Unfortunately summer grass has made both his feet and Rascal's usually tough feet pretty soft.

at least this saddle puts me in a good position to hang the frig on!

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  1. ha sounds like he was pretty darn gung ho about getting back to work!!! glad the foot issues are getting under control too. i'm having a heck of a time with my own horse's poor soft hooves...