Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Twister has moods

If you follow me on Instagram you've seen these photos. Thanks to it no longer being 857895* during thr day, I can get some riding done in the evenings.

Twister broke my camera so my media is terrible and limited. Like a phone video screenshot lol. Last time it was little Ranger who broke it and it cost over $100 to fix.

The day Twister killed my camera I had a little jump set up which we trotted and cantered  to. He was great. Kept a level head. We got our distances and he didn't over jump. I was so happy.

The next day I had trot poles down and going left he could not calm down because that's how we came into the jump. He fought me in the corners and wanted to cut and rushed into the poles. It took most of our ride to get him to go through to the left without being a shit. Going right he glided.

Deciding to be naughty...
Last night I had the poles set up still and worked on them. He was tough last night but not a total shit. He gets almost push button or he's a green rushing speeding racehorse. Most days it's only those 2 when he isn't worked daily. Last night he was tough but the kind of tough where every little adjustment I'd make changed how he went big time. If I sat up and tucked my tailbone under me and thought hard about my hands and legs he'd stop rushing and start stretching. Yea, this is common sense. But doesn't always work every time to get him to chill out. Sometimes he just wakes up a 3 year old racehorse on his way to the TC. Seriously, when is my fat 13 year old QUARTER HORSE  going to act like one??? After mucho cantering and trying hard to get a quality canter, not a fast one, he trotted out all long and low and amazing.

So I've been trying to decide what to do today. My body is so exhausted from our workouts. I'm still struggling with some post partum issues, 15 months later..... But if I don't push I will never get out of this funk. Maybe tonight we can try cantering ground poles? Maybe another jump? Maybe put less of a bit in and do the trot poles and circles and cantering again. We've been going in  the  3 ring because he got so tough and I don't have the core or leg to handle more than 10 mins of him dragging my ass around. I hate to compensate for my weak body like that but it is what it is and it's not like I'm yanking on his mouth.

2 more weeks until mom is here! Then my person and I are going trail riding and I can get mom to take media for me when I ride  hahaha.


  1. yay for getting to ride more! seems like Twister is enjoying it too, even if he's a little too... enthusiastic lol

  2. Take it day by day. You can always just do exercised at the walk when you feel tired, lots you can accomplish while taking it easy.