Saturday, August 26, 2017

All the Riding

I'd hardly ridden in 2-3 weeks. I hate how that keeps happening. But with it getting dark earlier and earlier, I can't always make it out after SJ's bed time in enough time to ride. Mom is here now though. We've already been tack shopping. I got some things I totally don't need but wanted and Mom was treating. SJ's gotten a ton of stuff too, including some things for Rascal for Christmas. Also, my person and I are looking for a not totally fugly 8-10" western saddle with full quarter horse bars for her for Christmas. If you know of one for sale............ fqhb on a kids saddle is so effin hard to find!

Part of my inability to get a ride in at the moment, is because we haz a new family member..... His name is Teddy and if we're friends on Facebook or Instagram, this is old news. We adopted him almost 2 weeks ago now. He's about 14 weeks now. A chocolate little man. My old chocolate man hasn't been doing well the last couple of days. He needs to go to the vet next week and me being an anthropomorphic hypochondriac, am terrified.

But back to riding things. Twister is like FUCK YEA RIDING and has been awesome. Mostly. He is all in racehorse mode and wants to go fast ALL THE TIME. I get on him and ask him to walk off and he's like TROT?! No. Stop that. You can march a long without running around. Quite possible. You can do it when it's food time.

We've popped over some jumps. We've done the trot poles. We've figure-8-ed and circles and done transitions. And for as little riding as I've done, I'm very happy with how Twister has just picked it right back up, out of shape and fat as he is, like we've been riding a few times a week.... not a few times a month lol. I was going to walk to the back paddock and jump him over my little xc jump a few times while I had Mom standing by ready to dial 911.... jk. Partly. But I went to open the far left gate and got stung by a wasp in my hand. At that point I was just done. So maybe tomorrow.........

not an easy workout but the best one in forever!!!

super beast

I got 2 new pads and a helmet that doesn't require all my hair stuffed in it to fit. But I'm not sure about it. Maybe I should have just gotten boring black so I don't look 12 lol

i suck at this whole selfie thing

looks ever better outside in good light