Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Facacta or Nah?

So it looks like our first show is going to end up being Nov 17th. A MSEDA sanctioned snowbird show. We'll probably do Intro A and B. And I'll have to wear a coat instead of schooling attire.

So here's my question...... I have a hunt coat I cannot sell to save my life even though I'm asking a fraction of what it cost new and it's NWT.

I've looked at the event dressage coats online and the lengths are the same. So what if my mom and I jazzed my hunt coat up a bit for the dressage ring? Then if I keep this up I'll have one for sanctioned shows?

I'd need to add 1 button and maybe even get silver buttons instead of the navy buttons. Would it be too stupid?? Then I'd just need a show shirt and gloves. (I bought Ariat field boots on clearance 2 weeks ago. They are amazing!!! My Tuff Rider's have giant holes in them after 5 years of abuse)

I wasn't planning on a proper show our first time out but this way I'd trailer with friends and have a group of people to be at the show with. Probably better than being there alone hoping my horse doesn't get loose or drop me......