Thursday, October 11, 2018

More farm projects/Photo dump update

The bulldozer man finally came to start working on the pond and middle paddock  rain lake/not draining problem. When he first started moving dirt I was having a damn heart attack because it was such a mess and I was sure I lost my "arena" all together. Turns out I have a bit MORE room to ride and I should have at least a round pen sized area that should stay semi dry even when the rest is wet. And it's finally autumn in Kentucky! So I'm sure it won't be long until I find out how well it all works and drains.

needs to be seeded after they're done driving on it

The pond is getting cleaned out too which has created a big stinky mess and left me only the front paddock for turn out and grazing. But the plan is that we'll be able to swim in it and let the horses use that for water year round and ride in it. Right now it's so sludgey they panic and try to bolt out.

disgusting black sludge

all empty!

Gravel will also get put down this week so we can get the trailer in and out no matter the weather. And before my show in ONE MONTH we need to get the damn trailer fixed. Like seriously. and seal the tires. I tried to take a lesson Monday but the compressor broke so I couldn't even fill the tires up. So then T. said she'd come here to give me the lesson and then bulldozer man showed up and tore up my flat grass area. So maybe next week? :(

And last week Phoenix Riding Equine Photography (if you're in KY look her up because she's awesome) came and did a forced family shot with SJ, my person and the kids, pics of SJ and Rascal and then took some actual media of Curtis and I. She's only posted sneak peek pictures to hold me over until she gets back from vacation but I'm thrilled with them. I can't wait to see our BBG and the rest of my riding pics and the family shot.

she loves her crappy appy so much!

Seeing how great Curtis looks makes me so happy. I've been riding him for about 3 months but he has come along and we're actually doing the thing now. I get on and he knows his job and I'm able to ask for more or teach new things because I spend no time now with the "ok, now stretch down please, stride out a bit, use your butt you lazy shit, get off my fucking leg" part. Ok I spend some time to the left on the getting off my leg part. But a fraction of what I used to. And my position has improved so much in just the last month even. Not saying we don't have a LONG way to go, especially me and my body. But I'm thrilled with where we are now.


now if only I can do this EVERY time!

And while he is picking up his leads so much better now, his upward transitions take too long and his canter is an unbalaced hurtle. I've tried to get the lead then go up hill so he learns to use his ass cantering. And that's all well and good but bring it back to the flat and ask him to slowly come into a 20m circle and he's a hot mess. THAT is why I need a lesson. I need someone to sit there and yell at me what to do until I can get a decent canter. So I'm not sure we'll do training level 1 unless we have some super advances in the next 4 weeks. Which ya never know. One day I was ready to fall off from trying to make him move around my left leg and stop leaning on it and the next day he was like "oh yea I got this" and looked and felt wonderful.

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