Sunday, December 9, 2018

Curtis' 1st Jumpies

For starters, let me say what a level-headed, easy-going donkey Curtis is. I've been on him a total of 3 4 times since the show. All several days apart. And he is always great. He never *knocks on wood* acts up or pulls shit. He almost always  remembers all the things. Though today he forgot what a left leg aid was and had to be heel-jabbed several times before he stopped hanging off my leg.

We've doing quick bareback rides over a blanket or without. I've hopped on after 10 days off and asked him to do fancy horse things and he's complied. I know I said I wouldn't get on him until after new years, but I changed my mind and decided I didn't want him to lose all his condition and muscles I worked so hard for this summer.

hankering for 80* weather so we can go SWIMMING

Mom is visiting today so I had someone to take media and call 911 just in case. And I trotted Curtis over his first cross rail. What a perfect little star he was. He is going to make SJ an excellent walk-trot horse in 3-4 years. He never refused once. Trotted nice and evenly over. The ground is really hard or I would have cantered over to see if I couldn't get an actual jump.

Several years ago I tried to retrain a 4 year old ottb who couldn't be bothered to do anything without a red-headed fit. Ok so he was a red head. But I half expected Curtis to be the same way. And he's not. Not at all. He's graceful and so willing to do anything I ask and he actually enjoys it.

to my right the men were hammering, sawing and banging around
in the garage and I walked him to the barn no hands <3

Now if only it would warm up so we could do fun things and ride more often.

And would you look at my Black Friday saddle pad? I can't believe I forked out money for a Le Mueix (sp?) but I did and it's so pretty😍 It's our combined birthday/christmas present and reward for surviving our first show lol