Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Lunging until I'm dizzy

Between lunging SJ and Rascal and working with the yearling (he still needs a JC name!) and working with Curtis, all I've done is lunge lately. The baby is a smarty pants and if it wasnt for my person's sliced fingers we would be riding him already .

As for Curtis, lunging him like Carrie said to do is hunking him up. I took him to T's to lunge and ride on a flat surface and we discovered he gets his leads better on a bigger circle. Which means I need to buy a longer lunge line. I dont know if my arena at home is even 20m wide.

When I got on to ride he was forward and relaxed and felt great. I haven't been riding much because by the time I lunge him and the baby I've spent 2 hours in the barn and my tiny human is done.

I don't even know what I'm doing half the time but he looks great and is filling out nicely. Where was this horse all summer? I switched his grain in late August and it has made all the difference. He's on a 1/3 scoop tribute seniority and 1/3 scoop of oats. And that am all change put some weight on him and is helping him bulk up. I wish I'd switched him sooner. 

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